The Troubled Times Of Perseus Jackson!

This is my first story on here. The story is about a boy who is the offspring of Poseidon and Neptune/ Hestia and Vesta. Raised by Hades. This is a story of how he grows up to save the world from a dangerous threat. You read about how he struggles to overcome barriers that appear in his way. This is the story about Percy Jackson, The son of Greece and Rome, The first and last child of the sea and flames.


3. Chapter 3 - A visit from a parent

To fast for me to react Pheobe was swinging her knife at young Perseus. Percy's POV Oh my gods, is she going to kill me. What have i ever done too her. Yet she swings one if them things, a knife at me. Thats what made me snap. What happemed next was like with the dog. A ring of fire appeared around me. Sputtering into bright, orange flames, as hot as a furnace. This made even this big, scary girl stop. Then there was that pain in my gut again, a fire ignited on my palm, and a hot flame shot towards the knife. Pheobe screamed in pain as the gleaming silver blade conducted the heat and burnt her hand. As soon as that happened, all the hunters had bows out which appeared from mid air, with arrows notched aimed, aimed at me. How was i gonna a get out of this one. I started praying, that they weren't going to kill me. No look. The huntress with the tiara, Zoë, I think her name is, fired an arrow to my knee, a shot to disable me from running away, but it still burnt like Hades and caused me to scream out like a girl "ahhhhhhh, what the hell was that for?" I practically spat at the princess of the hunters. He face contorted from a look of happiness, from disabling me, to a look of pure fury from my recent words. Now i really started praying. She started to slowly notch an arrow and then pointed it at me, as if i were here prey she had just caught, "Any last words, boy?" she mockingly asked me. Before waiting for an answer she let loose the arrow, aiming straight and true. My body felt like it was walking through jelly. Time seemed to slow down all around me until the arriw was only moving one mile per hour. I just couldn't move. I desperatly tried to think of nice goddesses, from the stories she used to tell me before my stepfather killed her. A lightbulb appeared in my head, I knew who to pray too. I prayed to Hestia, the kind, peaceful hearth goddess. At first i thought it didn't work, until I saw a small flame appear in front of the arrow, slowly growing bigger and bigger, hotter and hotter until i could feel the heat from 3 foot away, but the arrow kept coming, I thought it was going to hit me, until, the front part started crumbling into tiny black and white ash. Just when i thought i couldn't get anymore shocked, a booming voice reasonated around the whole camp, scaring everyone out of their positions, even The auburn haired girl who was hidden in the shadows, i should mention that i can see in the dark, i think it has to do with the fact i can summon fire and fire shines brighter in the dark or something. Anyways, the voice shouted "YES, I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, LEAVE MY SON ALONE!"

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