The Troubled Times Of Perseus Jackson!

This is my first story on here. The story is about a boy who is the offspring of Poseidon and Neptune/ Hestia and Vesta. Raised by Hades. This is a story of how he grows up to save the world from a dangerous threat. You read about how he struggles to overcome barriers that appear in his way. This is the story about Percy Jackson, The son of Greece and Rome, The first and last child of the sea and flames.


2. Chapter 2 - An unexpected welcome

She didn't realize how tired she was, so as soon as her head hit the pillow, she was out like a candle, still hoping for that idea to bypass Zeus' stupid rule and that's exactly what she got.

Chapter One :-

As Hestia was welcomed into the realm of Morpheus, she saw a distant figure, seemingly glowing with a white ethral light. Rumours have had it that she was the goddess of forget fullness but even she wouldn't forget the queen of Olympus, Hera.

"What do you want Hera" Hestia said forcefully as the two have had some history due to Hestia not wanting to get married as she didn't like the idea of someone cheating on her like Zues did to Hera. Hera just smirked at her which only further infuriated Hestia even more "All i'm doing here is to try and help you have a child without breaking your oath" Hera said. Saying that Hestia was down right shocked to the core would be an understatement. She seriously wasn't expecting this. "Why would you do this, you don't even like me, what could you possibly gain from this?" Hestia asked. Hera mean-while was laughing Hestia's hostility.

" I just want to help sort things out between us, I know we don't have the best of relationships but I am willing to give it a try." Hera said contradicting Hestia's thoughts.

Hestia, liking this idea, asked "Even though I don't trust you completely, how would you do it?"

"Well you can always just get a mortal to conceive the child, but, considering this is your first time he/she will be your most powerful, like Hercules and Zues, Hercules was Zues most powerful child and before you do this, please let me bless the child, that is my only catch."Hera said which made Hestia a little weary as she didn't know why Hera would want this.

"Ok fine, I will let you, only because this whole idea was yours, but I don't want you to have some secret plan that my child will be concerned with." Hestia said trying to catch Hera out as she knew Hera wouldn't just do this for goodwill but what Hera said made Hestia believe her

"Good and I assure you, I have no plan to which your baby will be concerned with, I swear it on the Styx!" Thunder rumbled overhead as Hera said that.

Hestia looked forward to this idea and set it into motion.

Ten Years Later :- 

A young child ran through the trees, trying to lose whatever was chasing him. All he knew was that the monsters were big, had sharp teeth and can run really fast. He looked back at the monsters, his eyes looking like flaming green orbs in the moonlight, and saw the creatures were gaining on him whilst he was stumbling over the gnarled tree roots so he turned back around to gain speed when he heard a puff behind him.

He looked over his shoulder and saw a cloud of golden dust settle onto the uneven ground. He heard a whizzing noise from the deep woods to his left and he saw a volley of gleaming silver arrows. Each one of the arrows found there mark within the hide of the monsters, making them look like porcupines for a second before they too went up in a cloud of dust. He turned around, thinking he had found a much bigger threat (which in theory he had), only to slam face first into the side of a giant oak tree.

What happened next was a blur to the young boy with jet black hair, he didn't even register it properly, but what happened was remarkable, he felt a wrenching pain in his gut and a ring of fire shot out around the boy. The oversized dog which was darker than the blackest black, looked at the fire before whimpering backwards. The young boy looked at the hound before instinctively raising his hand towards it, when a jet of pure white fire shot out from his palm straight into the face of the unsuspecting monster, it crumbled to dust within a second. He suddenly collapsed straight afterwards, it really took it out of him summoning fire.

All he saw before he slipped into unconsciousness was an arrow whizzing past him and landing in the spot where the hound was not half a second before, and 15-20 girls dressed in silver coming from the depths of the woods, with a 12 year old girl with auburn hair in the lead.

Artemis's P.o.v.:-

Oh my Gods, I am sat here listening to Poseidon and Hades arguing with my father, Zeus, about how they thought that they were treated unfairly when given their areas, or domains, to rule over, I am thinking that these are the three main Gods on Olympus, and they are arguing about petty things. Anyway, after a while, Poseidon finally stopped arguing with his brothers ((thank myself) as I am god as well) only then to start with Athena (I am officially exasperated with all the big three) when she said he disrespected her thousands of years ago, yet he continuously kept looking at the hearth with sadness upon his sea-green eyes. Hermes and Apollo were scheming about a prank against Ares, something about pink hair dye and Aphrodite helping them. Meanwhile, Hestia and Hera were looking longingly into the hearth, an image of a small black boy was flickering in the flames, I looked around the room to see if anyone else saw, but saw no-one had seen it, but Poseidon who had a look of deep sadness within his emerald sea-green eyes. I don't know why he was sad but I almost felt sorry for him, a male!!! 

Time Skip:-

I just got back from the long and gruelling meeting upon Mount Olympus to my hunters and I was shocked that all my hunters were getting prepared for a hunt, carrying arrows, placing them in quivers and sharpening arrows. I walked up to my forever faithful lieutenant Zoë Nightshade and asked "Where are you going?" Zoe jumped at the sound of my voice and turned around. When she noticed it was me she said " There has been a group of about 8 or so hellhounds spotted running around these woods by our scout, Andrea." I was hoping for a hunt after that meeting on Olympus. Ok, Lets go, Hunters move out." I shouted across the camp, my voice resonating with power. All heads snapped my way and cheered.

We raced across the camp and into the woods, where we near enough heard the vicious roars of the hounds straight away, 200 yards to our left. We climbed up different trees and started hopping from one to another getting closer to the monsters. As soon as the first one came to view, I shot an arrow straight through it's eyes, before it could even focus, it went up in a poof of golden dust.

The rest of the pack came to view as we pushed forwards and I ordered my hunters to kill them all but one, so we could find out who or what it was chasing. As I said this a volley of arrows came whizzing past my head and impaled the other hellhounds so they looked like pin cushions. That is until they went up into a cloud of dust signifying their return to Tartarus. That happened to them all but one who looked slightly nervous but carried on running.

As we finally neared the creature we split round the sides so we could get a better view of what it was chasing. What shocked me was that it was a young five year old boy. No way could a demigod have that powerful of a scent at such a young age. The closer I got, the more it seed as though it was the boy from the hearth. No wonder, Poseidon was sad, this looked exactly like him as a younger person, except for the eyes, they looked like flaming orbs of sea green, just like, just like, ehh, Hestia's I think, yeah they were just like hers. I felt betrayed by her, how could she break the oath. I felt betrayed. Yet I was also intrigued by him, he was a child of the sea and flames. A weird but powerful combination.

Anyway as I was watching him a ring of fire spurted around him and pushed the hellhound back a bit. Before any of my huntresses could react he raised his hand I signalled Zoë to shoot it but she was to slow, the boy pointed his hand at the monster and purest white fire I had ever seen shot out if his hand and into the face of the hellhound. A cloud of gold dust showered around him. Before I could call out to him, he dropped to the he floor fading into unconsciousness. I ordered Elizabeth, my newest recruit, to bring him her.

As she carried him towards me, I couldn't help but flinch at the sight of him, his shirt was virtually rags , you could see his sunken skin, with his ribs showing through his skin. That wasn't the worst part, what was worse was that there were scars marring his skin, as though someone had raked a jagged knife along the surface of his torso. That made me snap, who would do this to a young innocent child albeit he was a boy, but still it's just wrong. You want to know what I think though, that a male did this, them filthy, obnoxious, arrogant, ego filled, power hungry and abusing males.

I said to my huntresses "We shall bring him into our camp and await until he wakes up!" Immediately, there were shouts of protests saying "he is just like all males", or "he will turn on us".

I had, had enough so I shouted "That's the end of discussion and besides we can always teach him to be a respectable male, one that is kind, trustworthy and loyal to a fault and better yet still, I have always wanted a slave around here "

Then there was some shouts again, some still a bit wary and others not quite agreeing with the idea, but are warming up to it. As we took him back to camp, got him settled into a tent and left him alone, night time came once again and I had to leave for my duties for driving the moon chariot and taking over from my forever bad at poetry Younger brother Apollo.

Time Skip - Next Day

As I got back from my duties I saw a massive crowd of hunters near the tent area, and two people in the middle, one my 1500 year long forever faithful huntress, Phoebe, daughter of Enyo and the black haired boy. I pulled my chariot up at the edge of camp and snuck closer in the shadows to see what was going on. As I got closer I heard Phoebe say "What's your name, boy?" and to my surprise the boy eyes flashed with anger and flickered into flames,

He said albeit forcefully "I don't like being called boy as I have just told you yet you won't let it get through your thick skull and my name is Perseus, but you all can call me Percy" whilst looking straight at me as if he knew where I was hiding. I was going to show myself about the rudeness he displayed to a huntress but I stopped myself when I saw Phoebe threatening him with a knife I can swear I never saw her get out, which means she has been threatening him before I got here, so he probably had every right to snap. To fast for me to react, Phoebe was already swinging her knife at the young boy.

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