The Undead Effect

(For the Coldest Girl in Coldtown Competition) Hollow Mill may look 17, but she certainly is not. Truly, she has been alive for several centuries. Hollow is a member of the Undead Effect, - UE for short - the largest clan of vampires. Her goal is to be a spy for the UE. That means going out into the land of the humans, the living world, and bringing back information for the vampires. But as a spy, Hollow is no longer Hollow. Now, she's Ava, the regular human from New York. But how well can she fit in?


2. 1

"Hollow Mill!" a voice barked. I turned around slowly- I knew that voice. The man was standing in the doorway, his face an emotionless mask. I swallowed. He frightened me, being more than five centuries older than me. He had more experience than I could even pretend to have. Why was he talking to me?

The man standing in the doorway was tall and thin, his arms and chest built with muscle. He had green eyes and black hair, and wore a solemn expression on his handsome face. I stopped breathing. I had only ever seen him five times before, and had never talked to him. His red lips were pulled into a hard line on his pale face and I shivered.

"Oh my god, Hollow," one of the girls sitting next to me whispered.

Being summoned by him was a huge deal. Like huge. I shakily stood up and then walked over to him, praying that I wouldn't collapse. I couldn't mess up in front of him. I just couldn't. 

"Yes, Sir?" I addressed him. He turned swiftly and began walking out of the room and into the hallway.

"Walk with me, Ms. Mill," he said in that low voice. A shiver ran down my spine and I hurried to his side, trying to match my pace to his. For a nine century year old man, he moved pretty fast.

"You are training to be a part of the UELWSN, correct?" He spoke of my goal; to become a spy in the Undead Effect Living World Spy Network. This meant going out into the world of the humans, disguised as one of them and bringing back information to the Undead Effect.

"Yes, Sir," I answered, curiously. 

"I believe that you are ready for fieldwork," he said simply. My heart stopped. How could that be true? Was he kidding? No, no, Sir Nofux never joked. 

"I- I..." I spluttered, unable to think of anything else to say. 

He ignored my babble. "You know of Rose Everwood, correct?"

"Yes, Sir," I responded, swallowing my disbelief. If I acted like a child while receiving good news, then he probably wouldn't trust me to act well in the living world. 

"She will be your new trainer. How long it will take you to go into the living world will depend on how quickly you progress with your training. It could be a month, months, a year, or years," he informed me as we rounded the corner. 

"I understand, Sir."

He glanced at me, taking in my gawky appearance. I didn't look utterly perfect and flawless, which would make me fit in with the humans better. However, I was better looking than most of them which would make me stand out. Oh how humans confused me. 

"Do you know where to find your new trainer?"

"Yes, Sir."

"I'll let you go, then."

He stopped and allowed me to continue walking. After a second, I paused and turned around. He was still standing there, eyes unfocused.

"Sir?" He looked at me. "Thank you so much."

And then he smiled, and I was astounded. Without the sullen expression, he looked much younger. Without the frown, he could pass as twenty five years old, but with it, he looked more like forty. 

"You're welcome." 

So I kept walking, until I heard his voice again. 

"Hollow?" I turned around to see an earnest look on his face. I almost thought that he was about to tell me that it was all a joke. My shoulders crumpled. "There's no need to call me Sir all the time. Just call me Igiv, alright?"

I smiled, my spirits lifting. "Yes, Si- Igiv," I corrected myself. He laughed and then turned around, walking back the way we had come. Even if we were on first name terms, he still scared the hell out of me. His friendly behavior made me suspicious of his reason. What was he trying to do? Well, I thought to myself. Maybe not everybody is out to get you. Maybe some people are genuinely nice. So I continued walking down the hallway to my new trainer trying not to think of his motive, but instead trying to think about how generous he was. 

It didn't quite work. 

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