perfect life

Hanna and her too best friends Grace and Savannah got asked out by the guys of there dreams about 2 years ago and they are closer then ever what will happen when Hanna Grace and Savannah have to move to London for two years to finish school. read to find out what happened im just going to put it all in one chapter to make it easier. no hate


2. full story in this chapter

alyssa ben blake and i are all at my house watching the possession im terrified right know i grabbed ben  had and covered my face he pulled it away and i screamed i buried my head into his chest and he wrapped his hands around my waist i looked up at him and smiled he kissed my forehead and said look i turned around and some spirit thing poped out i screamed and so did alyssa  we ran up stairs and into my room we jumped on my bed and i said "lets scare the boys" she nodded and i herd them walking up the stairs i jumped up and said get out the window right when we got out they opened the door i slowly shut the window and we climbed down the side of the house i walked in through the front door and i walked back to the stairs i screamed "ben help me!" i herd them run out of the room and they came to the bottom of the stairs with bats alyssa and i fell on the floor laughing it was pretty funny! he looked at me and said "so you think its funny huh?" i looked at him and said "maybe a little" he looked at me and picked me up he sat me on the couch and said "we are watching the evil dead and you arnt covering your eyes at all" i looked at him and said 'ok and if i dont cover my eyes  you have to sleep on the porch naked with only a blanket and if you win i will kiss you" he smiled and said "your on" i ran up stairs and threw on a oversized shirt a pair of shorts and socks then ran back down stairs and jumped over the couch i snuggled up agianst ben  and hurd a knock at the door i opened it to see sophie and oliver she they went to dinner so they were just getting her i looked at her and said "finally your here were watching evil dead so come on in chickk" she walked in and plopped down on the couch ben was laying on the recliner and i jumped on him and said "im so gonna beat  youu" he laughed and said "you wish" i herd grace say " you guys are so cute together" ben looked at me and said "awww your so cute when you blush" the movie started and he already won the movie came to and end and all the guys got up and got there stuff i gave ben  a kiss and said goodnight alyssa and sophie  did the same but to there boyfriends they walked to ben house and went inside i shut and locked the door then turned on the light i looked at the girls and said "proms tomorrow!!" we ran up stairs and i grabbed my dress i loved it it was bueatiful nobody has seen it except them of course the smiled and said "its so pretty!" sophie looked at me and said "mine is in my car" she ran out of the room and alyssa said "so is mine then we both ran out of the room they grabbed theres and showed it to me i was so excited we went outside and decided to walk around we past ben house and i herd someone yell "look at them pretty girls" i turned around and they were looking out the window i yelled goodnight and we walked inside we turned on the notebook and fell asleep.

the next day                                                                                                                                                    We woke up to someone banging on my door i got up and threw my hair into a messy bun none of us are morning persons i opened the door after checking my phone and it was the guys i looked at them and said "its 7:00 in the morning WHAT do you want " they looked at me and said we have school and we have to get tuxes today i remembered the today was prom and the seniors get the day off to shop i shut the door and we ran up stairs we got ready and went out we got a lot of stuff and by the time we got home i saw someones car i got out and the door opened i was ready to cry i saw my dad and my sister walk out the went off in the army i ran up to them and jumped on them i missed them so much my mom died about 3 months ago i really missed them my sister looked at me and said you have prom to get ready for girlie i turned around and sophie and alyssa were cying to they were basically my sisters we are always together they ran to my sister and hugged her we went upstairs after telling the boys goodbye and got ready it took about 3 hours and we were all ready my sister walked out before we put our dresses on she did our hair and make up we walked down and she had some tears going down her face she walked over to us and said mom would be so pround of you girls. we hugged her then went to our dates we got in the limo and when we got to the school we walked in we walked over to the stage and the rest of the cheerleaders were standing there with there dates the looked at us and said "you all look bueatiful! at the end of prom all of the seniors will be preforming and elizabeth you will be our flyer it is the shake dance" we nodded and they gave us out fits they were really pretty we set them in our lockers backstage and walked to our dates we started to dance and it was coming close to the end of prom they were announcing the prom king and queen with no suprise ben won king then what was one was i did to but queen i walked up to the stage and they put my crown on the announced for all of the cheerleaders to come to the stage and get ready to preform i walked over to the mic and said "will you please clear the dance floor" everybody moved and we all walked back stage we got changed and i walked out people were cheering i started off by doing backhand springs the the end of the stage then doing a back flip ending on my feet perfectly grace came out and did the same since we were the captains everybody else did herkeys off of the stage we did the cheer and ended in a prymid. we went home and went straight to sleep.

the next day 

i woke up to my phone going off i sat up and fell to the ground i grabbed my head while letting out a sigh of pain i opened my eyes and realized i wasnt the only one in my room alyssa and sophie was still here i jumped up and walked down stairs i decided to go for a run i looked at the clock 7 am i had a couple hours before the girls wake up so i ran to the bathroom and threw my hair up in a bun then went back to my room i put on some running shorts and a tank top i grabbed my phone and put it in the little holder so i could strap it on my arm i plugged my headphones up to it then jogged out of the house i ran for about an hour and i started getting tired i ran back home and saw ben walking his dog i ran up to him and pulled out my earbuds i smilled at him and realized i looked horrible i ran in the house and got showered and changed i walked into my room and blake was in there with alyssa and gram and grace they were playing truth or dare on the floor i sat next to grace and she looked at me and said "your back!!" i smiled and said "yeah i went on a run" i nodded and said "sooo what ya doin" they laughed and said "were playing truth or dare silly" i laughed and said where is ben?" he walked through the door and i said "well nevermind" he sat next to me and we finished playing.



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