Shender: In Loving Sin

A man murders his father, and the story unfolds. Follow Shender through betrayal, bloodshed, and angst as he travels the galaxy looking to find and kill his wife for murdering his children, Orden and Angelin. Unraveling mysteries of his past through a chamber of mist, he finds his children are very well alive, one on the ship he's awoken on, and one with the mother he's aiming to kill. They both prepare for battle for over 15 years until they reach her on the planet Decit on the other side of the galaxy.


1. Prologue

…And therefore, the view from the sky shifts closer to the ground, amidst an ocean, centered on a colossal man-made island. Skyscrapers populated the perimeter around the shores, which seemed to float above the sea, creating a border surrounding a porcelain tower.


Our gaze on the sandy forest, seemingly wasted away by time alone, travels to a single figure sprinting across the dessert-like wasteland. We focus on Shender, the foretold bringer of Ruin, running toward the palace.


The ultimate palace.


The Kings palace.


One by one, the guards taste Shender’s blade to different limbs each. As they drop to Shender’s wrath and agility, Shender makes his way up to the side of the palace.


As he reaches the top, he fuels himself with the anger his creator gave him, and he feels his upcoming fulfillment torment him.


When he reaches the top, he creeps in through a window. He looks down and sees the King an empty room, on his throne, awaiting his death. Shender then leaps down from what seemed to be 14 stories high and the King screams his final word as Shender’s blade crushes through his head.


Now, two lives, histories and worlds because of one death, start at the exact second.


Weak and tired, due to a chain reaction the King has staged a side effect of his death to neutralize Shender for capture; he leaves the palace, pandering what his life was about.

Why he killed his father, why his father loved Sin more, why his father even created such a hateful marriage.


Shender walks the barren wasteland behind the palace, knowing it was his time now.


The virus reached his central node,  corrupted his being, and caused him to black out.


The Remainers gathered the courage they could and took Shender back to the palace.

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