Finding the Band (Sequel to You have to "Remember Me")

The band broke up after Zayn lost his memory due to a horrible accident. Now it's up to Zayn to go and find the missing band members. He has to go on a long journey to find them and restore their confidence. Will Zayn be able to reunite One Direction? Or will he be too late?


21. The phone call

Niall's pov:

I went on my phone and scrolled threw the calls until finally I found the number Zayn called me on. I held my breath and clicked call.. I hope that Zayn picks up the phone. We all really need him.

Zayn's pov:

I was walking away from the house when my phone started to buzz in my pocket. I pulled my phone out and looked out. I started to cry when I saw that it was Niall who was calling me. I hit answer on the phone and I heard what sounded like Niall getting excited then I heard the lads in the back round. Omg their all their together my dream is coming true I get to come home at last! "Hello? Zayn it's your friend Niall form One Direction. If your Zayn and you reamber me please say something back to me. We all really miss you and want you to come home!"

I smiled to my self and said, "Niall its me Zayn I reamber you and I want to come home! Please I need you guys and I really need to see all of you guys in person to know that I'm not dreaming." I heard Niall screaming and crying with joy. "Omg Zayn you have no idea how great it is to hear your voice again!" "I'm over bye Liam's house come here please guys!" I heard some one els go on the phone. "Zayn? Its harry we'll be their in an hour just stay their and don't go any where!" I laughed and said , "Okay ill stay put."

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