Finding the Band (Sequel to You have to "Remember Me")

The band broke up after Zayn lost his memory due to a horrible accident. Now it's up to Zayn to go and find the missing band members. He has to go on a long journey to find them and restore their confidence. Will Zayn be able to reunite One Direction? Or will he be too late?


2. Making The Decision

Zayn's pov:

 I couldn't believe what Niall told me. I was pacing back and forth trying to find the courage to call the lads the numbers again and hope that maybe, just maybe, someone would pick up. They would hear my voice and remember me and tell me that it was a joke. The band never broke up and that they would come and pick me up and take me home with them. Just someone to tell me what I need to hear.

I couldn't do it though, I wanted to do it so bad but I couldn't do it.  My mind just kept saying let it all go. They don't want or need you any more. Cant you tell that they have moved on? I say it's time that you do the same thing Zayn. Then there was my heart, which just kept telling me to do it. Call their numbers and if they don't answer the phone, well then you should go out and look for them. My heart was telling me that I should never give up hope.

I mean, I called Niall and he answered didn't he? I just kept telling my self "Zayn, its now or never. You can go out and try to find them or you can spend the rest of your life regreting not trying to save the one thing that matters to you: One Direction..." I thought about that for a while and then I decided I would go find Niall and see if I can convince him to come back. That's the first step I would take. Oh boy, I hope he says "yes"....

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