Finding the Band (Sequel to You have to "Remember Me")

The band broke up after Zayn lost his memory due to a horrible accident. Now it's up to Zayn to go and find the missing band members. He has to go on a long journey to find them and restore their confidence. Will Zayn be able to reunite One Direction? Or will he be too late?


10. Keeping Secrets

Harry's pov:

I couldn't help but think the whole time I was with the lads about how as soon I said Zayn, Niall got really tense, I wonder why. I was about to ask him about that when my phone when off. I looked down to see that I had a call form my girlfriend.

*Phone conversation*

Harry: Hey babe, what's up?

Emily: Hey Harry, I just wanted to know where you are.

Harry: Okay babe I'm over at Liam's. Do you need me to come pick you up or something?

Emily: Oh no Harry, you don't have to it's fine. You're with the lads, enjoy them.

Harry: Hang on one sec. Emily, I'm going to come and get you and bring you here.

Emily: Why?

Harry: I just thought what a better time for you to meet the lads then now?

Emily: Okay Harry, I'm at the house. What time do you think you'll be here?

Harry: In about an hour maybe.

Emily: Okay, that gives me enough time to get ready.

Harry: Okay babe, see you soon, love you.

Emily : See you soon and love you too babe.

*End of phone conversation*

I walked back into the room and told the lads I had to go. "Awww why Harry? You just got here!" Niall was whining at me. Oh Niall hasn't change a bit, now has he. I laughed and said, "I'll be right back I just need to go and pick some one up. They're someone I want you all to meet." They all nodded their heads and let me go.

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