Finding the Band (Sequel to You have to "Remember Me")

The band broke up after Zayn lost his memory due to a horrible accident. Now it's up to Zayn to go and find the missing band members. He has to go on a long journey to find them and restore their confidence. Will Zayn be able to reunite One Direction? Or will he be too late?


13. Did I See Zayn!?

Harry's pov:

I was in the car driving down the street when I came to a red light.  So I stopped the car and looked over at Emily in her stunning outfit. Only when I looked over at her, I noticed that she was staring at something. No, wait, not something but someone! Oh my gosh, it's Zayn! I wanted to roll down the window and scream his name, but I couldn't speak or move or do anything. Besides he probably didn't remember me after the accident.

So I just put it aside and went back to watching the road. The light turned green and I started to drive again. Emily turned to me with a confused look on her face. "Harry, did you see him! It was Zayn, he was really standing there. Why didn't you roll down the window and call to him or something?" "Emily, I saw him. It doesn't matter anyway he wouldn't remember me. Not after the accident he had." "Oh. Okay...." We rode the rest of the way in silence after I said that to her.

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