Finding the Band (Sequel to You have to "Remember Me")

The band broke up after Zayn lost his memory due to a horrible accident. Now it's up to Zayn to go and find the missing band members. He has to go on a long journey to find them and restore their confidence. Will Zayn be able to reunite One Direction? Or will he be too late?


15. Coming Out

Niall's pov:

I took a deep breath and looked up at Harry. "Promise me you wont get mad." Harry smiled at me and said, "Niall, come on you can tell me anything." Just then I had a flash back to when I was still living with Harry.

*Flash Back*

It was dark out side and I was sleeping in Harry's guest room. I woke up screaming my lungs out form a nightmare that I had of Liam. Liam was beating me up and I couldn't stop him, all I could do was cry and let him do it to me. Zayn was standing their behind him with a sad look on his face. I was calling out to him but he wouldn't help me. It was all because I didn't answer the phone. The next thing I knew Harry was holding me singing something to calm me down and telling me I was safe. When I did calm down he looked me and  said, "Niall, what happened, are you okay?" I burst into tears and shook my head. He took a deep breath and said, "Niall, what happened?" "I had a nightmare." "What was it about Niall?" "You can tell me about anything Niall, I'm here for you."

*End of Flash Back*

I had to tell him about the phone call. "Harry Zayn called me." "That's okay Niall I saw Zayn today when I was in the car with Emily." We both looked down at the floor. "Do you think we should tell the lads Niall." I looked down and shook my head. "Just you tell Liam I don't want to go bye him he still scares me." We walked over to the lads and explained to them what had happened with the both of us. When it was my turn to tell Liam I went and hide behind Harry scared he might hurt me like last time.

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