you said you loved me you lied niall horan love story

isabella calder happens to be eleanors little sister by a year but izzy and rock kind of girl and has recored deals and everything and thier parnets send her to be with el for a while because all of this is to stress full for her and niall horan falls for her and she falls for him but he uses her for a certin friend of hers and izzy heart breaks and niall relized he made a mistake will she learn to forgive him and give him a secound chance or will one of the other boys come to the rescue and help her fall in love with niall all over again


14. wonders

isabella pov

"you know why you didnt turn to ashes" i heard a filmaliar say. i turned around to see my mother and father. i knew i had tears running down my face i mean i just killed my grandmother "why" i said  "because your more powerfulwhich you have to give up to live happyly ever after " my father said "do it i wanna be with niall forever" they nodded and i took a deep breath knowing i was probley gonna end up in the hospital they threw power after power at me but i still didnt get hurt "izzy darling you have little power in you we cant destroy which is good because it will keep you a lot more safe which im sure niall would like "i laughed still cant beliving that me isabella cader will be getting married to niall horan. then the boys came backstage "hey love " i smiled "hi ni " he stared at me "you look bueatiful " i smiled and huged him he kissed me "so mrs horan would you like to just go to the  hotel room or out? he asked "home im tired" i said "hello niall" my father said niall jumped and i giggled "hello mr cader" he said. "hello  you know izzy a witch right" niall nodded "and i dont care shes still bueatiful even if she wasnt" he said "i half witch now niall and its for a good cause it means i wont hurt my self anymore because my grandma badnass is gone whitch means me and you and are girls can have a happy life together" he smiled and kissed me "ew your sweaty go get changed" i said he laughed "and this is why i love you so much" i smiled and pecked his lips,

4mounths later

nialls pov

i have been keeping my izzy her due date is soon. but right know the girls were sitting in the crowed while we were  doing practice "testing testing 123 is my love out there if so rasie you hand" and izzy rasied her hand when she droped it and held her belly i freaked out as the girls did to louis ran to izzy helping her to the car where me and the girls seat in the back with her i held her hand then when we got to the hospital they got her a room and everything

4 hours later

louis pov

el has been paceing back and forth "el love come sit she will be fine niall is with her you know he wont let anyone mess with her" i said "i know lou im just worryed" then niall walked out "anyone wanna go see izzy megan and sydney " he said the girls jumped up and said "we want to" i smiled at niall "first room on the right girls" the girls nodded and went into the room "you have done good mate" i said to niall he smiled "i love izzy so much" he said "i know mate but mess with my almost sister in law ill kick your arse" niall laughed "never dream on it mate" he said  "well boys who wants to see my girls " he answered harry jumped up then it was zayn and liam and the walked past him and into the room "who thought id be a dad before all of you" he said "i dont know mate lets go" we walked into the room to see izzy fast asleep and megan on harrys lap "is the couple back together" harry nodded "so love when do you pop" harry said "few more mounths" she said harry nodded and winked at me and niall niall went and grabed a little bunddall and brought her to me and handed her to me. the little girl opened her eyes "hello love im uncle louis" the little girl smiled she had izzys smile  which broght tears to my eyes. then zayn walked up "aww someone likes thier uncle louis" i smiled and held the bundle tight "she takes after her mother izzy loves louis" i smiled and handed the little bundal to el who had tears running down her face

  "well someones gonna be as cheek as me" said harry pointing to the bundal in his arms."thats sydney the one your holding harry and the one your holding el is megan" niall said "how can you tell the diffrentce between them " i asked "simple megan looks like her mum and for that i nicknamed her lizzy and sydney looks like me " he answered i smiled "ni" we heard we turned are attention to izzy who was smilling at all of us whe i shouted "its the horan family" which startled sydney and made lizzy laugh and i smirked well everyone laughed as lizzy was laughing and harry was calming down sydney.  "you like uncle louis be silly yeah" she smiled again "izzy im taken lizzy home with me " she started laughing then stoped "do it tomlinson and ill hunt you down" i put my hands up "ok momma bear i wont" she smiled "may i have megan?" she asked i nodded and brought her megan and handed her to her she took megan and i kissed her forhead "thier both as bueatiful as you" she smiled "thx lou" then she looked at lizzy "do you like your uncle lou he wired isnt he " then we all looked over at harry who was asleep with sydney in his arms "hes gonna be a wonderful father i think i let him take sydney sometime" and megan smiled not little megan but the frien megan



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