you said you loved me you lied niall horan love story

isabella calder happens to be eleanors little sister by a year but izzy and rock kind of girl and has recored deals and everything and thier parnets send her to be with el for a while because all of this is to stress full for her and niall horan falls for her and she falls for him but he uses her for a certin friend of hers and izzy heart breaks and niall relized he made a mistake will she learn to forgive him and give him a secound chance or will one of the other boys come to the rescue and help her fall in love with niall all over again


9. why?

nialls pov

izzy finally got out of the hospital yesterday and she has been spending time with megan but that is fine because i have been looking for houses and wedding rings and harry has been helping me cuz hes doing the same but right now im getting ready im zayns best man and izzy is perrie bridmade after i finish geting ready i went to go see izzy i knocked on her door she opened it she was in a bueatiful punk rock dress perrie got the girls to where something punkish whil we boys dressed normal she smiled "hello my prince" i smiled "hello my bueatiful princess you look lovely" she smiled and kissed my cheek "how are my three girls" she smiled "we are fine" i smiled "well i must get to perrie"she said grabing her phone "wait" someone said we both turned around to see daniel "yes daniel" izzy said daniel had a worried look in his face "just be safe" izzy nodded and walke away then daniel turned to me i just nodded "mate listen something bad is gonna happen at that wedding you must protect megan el sydney and izzy or they are gonna get hurt" i nodded then daniel was gone

wedding time niall pov still

i look worried through the hole time but nothing happened so i was relifed and me and izzy are danceing to dont let me go by us then el sydney megan and izzy got on stage and sang heres to never growing up then i heard a gun shot i quickly jumped infrount of the girls along with louis harry and ross only to feel a huge pain in my stomach and everything blurry i heard the grils scream and izzy sobbing with the girls then everything went black

izzys pov

were at the hospital wating and me just staring into space while the girls crying then the doctor came "girls the boys are fine they sipped in a come"  my heart broke i nodded and got up "izzy where are you going" i turned around the girls looked frightened "hunting" i said and walked out and drove to my secret hid out where i do my magic i got changed out of my dress and put on my black shirt jaket pants and lace up boots i looked at my self my eyes were red i was born as a witch were wolf so my eyes turn a red when im pist and heart broken  i walked out and got on my motorcycle "izzy dont do this" i heard daniel say in my mind "why? did this happend to him" i asked "trust me love it will get better" i was still mad "no it wont" i took off and stoped and thought he wouldnt want me to do this i turned around and walked  home when i got there nobody was there i grabed a note pad and my guitar and wrote rock n roll (by avril lagvine but pretend she wrote it) "thats good " i looked behind me to see daniel "leave me alone" he sighed "izzy hes fine i promise i saved all of thier lifes " i turned around with tear going down my face "everything always happens to me but this one time its him it happens to the boy i fell for when i came here " daniel smiled "excatally you two were born to be i had to find away for you to meet him you were very deprision into you came here he smiled you need to be the girl who i always no i was never ment for you and through the hole time i was your guiardian angel from when you met me into the end and the boy you love might be hurt but you dont need to give up" i nodded and was still horriable then i fell asleep

next day

i got out of bed rembering i had a concert today i got dressed and walked to where everyone is el hugged me "everyone woke up but him the doctors said it hit him pretty bad he might not make it izzy im sorry" i felt my heart break into to all the way "no sorry he will be fine" el looked at me "izzy listein" i just walked off and got my guitar  and walked on stage and gave a little  speech and i sang a song that i wrote for niall smile (by avril lavigne for some of theses songs) after i finished i did slipped away   then heres to never growing up and rock n roll the one i wrote last night  and a couple other songs once i finished i got off staged and got in my car and went to the hospital i went into his room to see him awack talking to perrie and zayn i knocked on his door they all turned around "hello princess" niall said "i smiled "hello my prince how are yo do you feel better " i asked him 'he just laughed "im fine dont be so stressed not got for you or my girls" i smiled "you shouldnt be so worried about me you jumped in frount of a bullet for me" he smiled "your my princess its my job" i smiled and sat on his bed "dont do that again" he looked at my confused "i thought you were gonna die i cant lose you i wouldnt know what to do with out  you you are my prince and i need you"  he put a hand on my cheek "i need you more then anythng your my world and my air  without you theres nothing for me" i smiled and kissed him  then megan walked in "izzy im pregnet" i turned around i smiled and hugged her "can you come with me so i can tell harry" i nodded we both walked over to harry "hello harry" megan said "hey love whats the matter" harry asked "im pregnet"she blurted out  harry smiled "im gonna be a dad" she nodded "im just gonna go" i said backing out of the room to run into sydney and her snogging felipe "what the hell" i screamed they both jumped back "izzy dont tell ross" she said "thats alright she dosnt have to"  i turn to see ross  "ross he came on to me" she said "liar" felipe said you came on to me "  i grew pist "thats not the point the point is you kissed back and you cheated i think it best if you both go home and dont return here enless your apoligising to ross" sydney slaped me "thats alright i kissed niall he said you wre a loser" i stood still "izzy thats not true" i turn to see niall "niall tell the truth" he looked down i took off the promise ring he gave me and crouched down and set it there "my biggeist mistake was forgiving you and trusting you" he looked up "no izzy that was when i was dating lilly i ment it towards her" i looked at sydney "you said her to " she said "i dont know who to belive and what i actally i did was let my guard down- " i couldnt finish the sentence cuz niall kissed me "he never called you a loser dont listien to her" i heard daniel say so i kissed niall back i pulled back "never let go" is what we both said at the same time

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