you said you loved me you lied niall horan love story

isabella calder happens to be eleanors little sister by a year but izzy and rock kind of girl and has recored deals and everything and thier parnets send her to be with el for a while because all of this is to stress full for her and niall horan falls for her and she falls for him but he uses her for a certin friend of hers and izzy heart breaks and niall relized he made a mistake will she learn to forgive him and give him a secound chance or will one of the other boys come to the rescue and help her fall in love with niall all over again


15. new family

 Nialls pov

     Today izzy was getting out of the hospital which means shes going back to london today she has done nothing but talk to everyone else except me she was silence around me "love whats the matter" i asked. "i dont wanna go back niall not with out you" she said i went over to her "then dont" i said "but everyone thinks its a good idea if i go back" she said "i dont care isabella and you are gonna nedd help with are children" i said she smiled and lizzy started crying"i think someone misses uncle louis" she said "someone say uncle louis" and lizzy shut up and giggled. louis walked over to her and picked her up "hey lovebug" she smiled."uh el someones took your louis" izzy said laughing. el smiled while louis played with her. "i brought you a dress with your british flag converse and a jaket" she smiled and took the cloths. when she was done she came out. "damn girl you look bueatiful" liam said "and sophia hit him "well thx i think" and i put my arms around her "mine" i said

later that day

 still nialls pov

     Me and izzy were packing are bags we were going to flordia for  are tour  and she was dressing the babys and lizzy was steady laughing which had izzy laughing "were going on our privet jet  love"  i said  she smiled and nodded and handed me lizzy so she could get  sydney.Then lou walked in. "ill take her" he said taken lovely lizzy  then harry walked in with megan as soon as izzy finished dressing her "wheres sydney" harry said "right here" izzy said and she handed sydney to harry. harry took her and kissed her forhead "you remind me so much of your mum" and sydney smiled and i grabed. izzys waist  and kissed her  then paul came in

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