you said you loved me you lied niall horan love story

isabella calder happens to be eleanors little sister by a year but izzy and rock kind of girl and has recored deals and everything and thier parnets send her to be with el for a while because all of this is to stress full for her and niall horan falls for her and she falls for him but he uses her for a certin friend of hers and izzy heart breaks and niall relized he made a mistake will she learn to forgive him and give him a secound chance or will one of the other boys come to the rescue and help her fall in love with niall all over again


5. moved on

niall pov

we turned around to see a couple of izzy friends "how much do you love izzy niall" a girl with brown hair asked me "a lot " i awnserd she smiled "you should try to get her back you see the one with black hair he hurt her and got her back izzy didnt you felpie " the boy nodded "it might take time for her to trust you again but she will love you again trust me" felipe said "i nodded and turned around the izzy finished her songs and sang one more it was everybody's fool her voice was like angles singing she is an angle i listen to her sing and el nudged me i laughed and she poked my side and smiled i smiled  back and watch as izzy got off the little stage and go back  to her bus she has moved in with her sister and louis her mum kinda didnt want her anymore so el and louis took her in and her friends moved down here so they are not far away from her and they can still do the band

izzys pov

i had walked too the back where i got on the bus and layed down on the couch falling asleep as i was sleeping i had a wired feeling that its time to forgive and forgett if he is happy with lilly im gonna be happy for him i woke up for sleeping and got up nobody else was on the bus i webt to the door and open it just as i did i saw niall about to knock "well nice timing" he said "look niall i forgive you if you want to date lilly your free to i shouldnt be a brat just because i liked you and she got you first your suppose to be my best friend forever and im really truly am sorry"  ii said to him "hey thats ok i broke up with her anyways she talking crape about a girl i love and i got sick of it and broke up with her after she hit me and el went all smack down on her" i laughed "i bet that girl is something spiceal to you so when you date her dont let me get in the way" i said smiling and walking off but down deep it hurt looks like he dosent like me after all im just stuiped old isabella cader. and i thought to my self  nobody would miss me if i was gone so i quickly ran to the bathroom founs a razor and cut my self deep and blacked out not caring anymore  but befor i did i swear i heard nialls voice say " dont go i love you" but that only what i heard

nialls pov

i quickly ran with izzy in my arms crying when i bumped into the guys Aubrey El megan sydney all screamed as El droped to her knees and was shocked to find her sister so bloody and mest up and harry stood shock when he saw the razor in her hand  louis took izzy out  of my arms as liam called an ambulance and me hugging El as both of us are crying while i watched her arm and face go pale and lou take his shiry off to stop the bleeding "this is my fault i should have never said that to her about me breaking u;p with lilly when lilly was talking about her she must have took it the wrong way" El looked at me "its ok it not your fault or hers she is very mind setting when she forgave you and you told her that her mind said he dosnt love i mean look at you who would she diffrent she has a mind of it own and controls her to do things like in the middle of the night i had a boyfriend who hit me she  litterly slept walk to his house and killed him in his sleep she gets that voice from being part witch" i was shocked the love of my life is a witch this is so wired but i love her so much then the ambulance took her to the hospital with me lou and El



a/n sorry i was spending time with family and planning this one out let me no what you think



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