you said you loved me you lied niall horan love story

isabella calder happens to be eleanors little sister by a year but izzy and rock kind of girl and has recored deals and everything and thier parnets send her to be with el for a while because all of this is to stress full for her and niall horan falls for her and she falls for him but he uses her for a certin friend of hers and izzy heart breaks and niall relized he made a mistake will she learn to forgive him and give him a secound chance or will one of the other boys come to the rescue and help her fall in love with niall all over again


19. family time

    Lous pov

me and niall were stting on the couch watchng the girls  play with the babies when there was a knock on the door "ill get it" izzy said getting u with megan in her arms. niall got up and followed her and opened the door "mum greg what are you doing here" they both walked in smiling  "we came to visit " greg said  niall smiled "whos this lovely girl" his mum asked "uh my sister"  said and panked and izzy looked stranged at me. "no no wait your isabella cader" izzy smiled "yes ma'am" she said "niall ths is the rock girl who cut her arms" and izzy smile turned into a frown "yes mum but she also my soon to be wfe and you need to respect that cuz you have no clue what this girl has gone through and  love her" he said. His mother scoffed "niall sweetheart your 20 now yeah i get that but your still to young to know what love is" and izzy walked in the kitchen and i followed her. she handed me lizzy and sat on the counter and started to breath hevily "love you ok" she shook her head no "go get el now she went out side with sydney" i nodded and went to go get her

  Gregs pov

mum and niall kept aruging. but to me nialls girlfriend seemed pretty cool i mean shes really bueatiful and everything and s so nialls type i just dont get why mum can't be happy for him. Then i heard silent crys. I went nto the kitchen to see isabella  on the counter breathing hevily. i went to her "isabella you alright" i asked her "n-no can you  g-get me  n-niall-" but befo she could finish she past out i went into the living room "um guys i need to tell you something" i said "not now greg" mum said  "but its really improtant" i replied "were busy here " niall said "cant it wait " i looked worried "no not really" i replied "well ts going have to wait" mum said "but i need to tell you now"i said "WE SAID NOT NOW GREG" they both yelled "WELL DONT BLAME ME IF THE MOTHER OF YOUR DANM CHILDREN DOSE NOT WAKE UP" i said rasing my voice "WHAT? THOSE ARE YOUR KIDS"  niall smirked "yes they are mother and what the hell do you mean greg"  niall said "izzy is past out on the floor in the ktchen" niall ran past me and into the kitchen. I followed to see louis tryng mouth to mouth for izzy niall looked at eleanor "what the hell happend" niall asked grabing one of his chldren "izzy is clastrphobic when it comes to people yelling and fighting cuz shes scarred that   the walls will close in on her and kill her while someone is fightng  thats why mum and dad cant fight around her"  niall looked angrily at mum "i didnt do this" she said "yes you did you started it i just dont see why you cant be happy for me i jumped in frount of a bullet for her she that girl right ther on the floor  who past out  she almost killed someone cuz they said something about me and you wanna know who it was it was taylor swift  that girl bad mothed harry and zzy told her off she called me a pig and it hurt me and izzy my izzy almost broke her into two izzy is my life and im hers and these two little grls need us both right now and im not gonna let anyone take care of mine and izzy children  ok no other man will stand between me and her and because of you your tryig so hard to get in between i finally found someone i want to spend the rest of my life with and you mother out of all people should be happy about that you know something if izzy died that day when a girl stabed her i wouldn't be standing rght here right now heck i would have killed my self ages ago when she almost died in my arms my arms  wanna know why she cut her wrist  because i broke up with the girl who stabed her i told her why and she belived i didnt love her when i did  she hated me cuz someone got in between me and her when i almost had her and this time its not gonna happen again i happen to be a father and almost a husband to a girl i love and if you dont like that then you can leave" niall said looking down at the last part and mums eyes filled with tears "niall i didnt know she mean that much to you" she siad "i didnt know i ment that much to him either" a voice said we all looked down to see a smiling isabella. "your my princess of corse you mean that much to me  i love you more then life its self" niall said "i aprove" mum said witch was wired she always has a hard time aproving with nialls girlfriends "would you like to hold one of your grandaughters" niall asked she nodded niall took a little girl that looked just like him

   "Mum this is sydney" niall said and mum smiled and the baby opened her eyes "well ello there sydney im grandma" the baby giggled then she looked at me and smiled "looks like someone fancies thier uncle greg" niall said "nope thats my girl" said harry i laughed " i suppos you can have her " i said  and izzy smiled then mum handed me sydney. Then niall brought mum another bundall "this mum is megan eleanor horan but we call her lizzy snce we have anonother megan and we call her lizzy because she looks like izzy" mum smiled "bueatiful" she said and everyone smiled "thats uncle louis girl" and megan started laughing "see" louis said proudley "nah i just think she likes the fact your retared" izzy said smling "your gonna pay for that isabella cader or should i say horan" he said smirking "yup, and loui that dosnt bother me  it did befor me and niall were going out other then that nope" louis sighed then smirked "if i threw you in a pool what would you do"  isabella looked confused "and louis ran out with her to the pool and threw her in izzys head poped up and she giggled "your retared bob bear" she said smirking "dont call me that he said stomping his  foot "fine then help me out"  she said "fine " he said putting his hand out and izzy grabed it pulling him in "thats not funny ths water is cold" he said as everyone laughed "thats what you get" isabella said getting out of the pool "love you to soon to  be sister " louis yelled . izzy was about to walk in "where you think your going" niall said "to get a new outfit on" she said "nope you stay out here and dry"  he said smirking "its  cold out her ni " he smiled and kissed her cheek  "oh well"  he said  louis started laughng "what you laughng about your staying out  here to tomlinson" el said "b-but " louis said "no but you should have thought before you threw izzy in and knowing she was gonna bring you in: el said sternly "fine mother" louis replied and el smiled and shut the glass door"dont you just love family" i heard izzy say

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