you said you loved me you lied niall horan love story

isabella calder happens to be eleanors little sister by a year but izzy and rock kind of girl and has recored deals and everything and thier parnets send her to be with el for a while because all of this is to stress full for her and niall horan falls for her and she falls for him but he uses her for a certin friend of hers and izzy heart breaks and niall relized he made a mistake will she learn to forgive him and give him a secound chance or will one of the other boys come to the rescue and help her fall in love with niall all over again


23. christmas eve

 Megans pov

we all sat around the  tree while izzy put out presenats "can we open them" niall asked izzy started laughing "no are tridition is to wait into the next day when its time ni you must wait" niall smirked "i know what you are thinking horan and its a no not into we go on our hoonymoon tomorrow" niall smiled "ok mind reader" he said and kissed her cheek "well guys im off to bed" he said "what about food" i asked niall looked at izzy "im going to get nando's" she said "im coming" he said an we all laughed "how about we all go and get simione or paul to watch the girls" i suggested   izzy smiled "sounds like a great idea since  the girls are asleep" she said and diale a number. 5 minutes later paul walked in"wheres the girls?" he asked "in bed uncle paul"paul sighed knowing that izzy started calling paul daddy when she arrived cuz he got on to her for getting niall really hyper "ok lets go guys" niall said graabing his and izzys coat "niall sweetheart y0our in your pj's lets go get dressed yeah" izzy said niall smiled "i would be so forgettful with out you" he said kissing her cheek and running upstairs "that boy and his food i swear" she grumbled "just be lucky her shares his foo with you wich dosnt happen often to anyone" louis said izzy smiled and ran upstairs


      Isabellas pov

i walked up stairs to her niall talking to someone "no mum i  love her we are going to Nandos and im in my pj's  and she said ni we must get dressed i would sirously be lost with out her" he said i then heard a silent then he spoke up again "no mum im not telling you what song im gonna deticate to her then play a song for her im really am in love with her but i know a couple of songs" he said then it went silent again and he spoke up one more time "well mum i must get up shes listen to the convrsation and it sopuse to be a surprise" he said opening the door before i could run  and hung up the phone.  then i relized he was only in his boxers i blushed madly "you a very naughty girl you will pay for it" he said smirking and draging me in the room so we both could get dressed.

at the reastrount

   nialls pov

         We got a very young waiter and so far he was hitting on isabella i tighten my hand that was arounfd her waist she jumped "ow niall" she said quitely "love im sorry but your mine" i said growling in her ear  "jealouse much" she said i nodded  she smiled and kissed me right infrount of the waiter. i smiled as we pulled back  he smirked at her  and she smiled at me "ok guys my name is max may i take your order" he said isabella rasied her hand "yes bueatiful" he said and she moved in her seat uncomfortable "um a coke with no ice please" she said and i ordered the same. "love mind moveing  have to use the mens room" i said kissing here cheek she nodded and moved "we all must go" megan said and all the boys nodded and i felt really bad for izzy who will be alone. and sophia who walked of with el and megan "ill be back as fast as i can i said kissing her cheek.


      Isabellas pov

as everyone left the waiter cane back with the drinks m"well love everyone ditch ya" he asked "na they went to use the restroom" i said  he sat down next to me and started moving closer to me as i moved away. I finally hit the wall and couldnt move and he put hi hand on my thigh movingt it to my inner thigh "quite" i said he smirked "come on babe you know you like it" he said moving his hand closer to where no women should be touch. by now i was crying and slaped his hand away  he smacked me and started to unbutton his pants "plz stop!" i screamed ."shut up btch and enjoy" he said getting fustrated "mate she said leave her alone" niall said "go away irish boy i can make your girl feel so much beeter" he said finally touchng the spot which threw niall over board "when i ment that i ment get  your fucking hands off of my fiance like now" he yelled and threww the boy off of me. I quickly got out and ran next to el who hugged me  as i cryed  "el call the police and make sure izzy is ok" louis said  and el grabed her phone and caloled the police.

when the police got there third persons pov

"you fucking touch her again i shove my fist down your throat you dont touch my princess got me i will fucking kill you you mother fucker" niall said punching the living daylight out of the boy who tryed to do something with me  when they had five police officers anbd the boys pull niall off the dude. but niall was struguling "mate look at izzy she scared to death i know how much you wanna kill him but the police are here now go comfort her so she can tell the story and the police can take him away" i heard harry say then i felt stroung arms around me "babe are you ok" he asked me.  shook my head and baried my face in his chest and cryed "shhh love i got you you must tell the nice men over there the story" i said she sniffed and nodded and one of the police officers came and sat down "can you tell me what happened" he asked her she nodded "yes  he tryed to rape me everyone went to the bathroom and he sat next to me inchng closer when i had no where else to move and i scarred he started touching me then he slapped me" she said. niall tensied  and hugged her

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