you said you loved me you lied niall horan love story

isabella calder happens to be eleanors little sister by a year but izzy and rock kind of girl and has recored deals and everything and thier parnets send her to be with el for a while because all of this is to stress full for her and niall horan falls for her and she falls for him but he uses her for a certin friend of hers and izzy heart breaks and niall relized he made a mistake will she learn to forgive him and give him a secound chance or will one of the other boys come to the rescue and help her fall in love with niall all over again


24. christmas day

    Isabella pov

i sat quitely watching niall sleeping and really grateful that i have  cuz if he didnt save me I  would probely have gotten hurt. "love why are you staring at me" niall said  making me jump he chuckled i smiled at him and kissed his cheek. "go back to bed ni" i said "come back to bed with me" he said i shook my head no . he sighed  "love hes gone hes not coming back if it makes you feel better tomorrow before the wedding will get an alska husky and a greamn shepered i know a guy" he said smirking   i laughed and layed back down. he put his arm around me "go back to sleep love" he said kissing my cheek and we both fell asleep

later that day

   Niall P.O.V

i woke up to see my lovely soon to be wife right next to me sleeping peaceful i called my friend and told him i wanted one puppy alaska  husky  and a full grown  gearmen shepared and bring it to my house.then i saw izzy starting to wake up "morning love merry christmas" i said she smiled "morning ni and merry christmas to you to flirt" she said smileing i pushed her down on the bed "take it back im no flirt thats harry" i said izzy giggled "never in a millinon years" she said like zayn i smiled "just rember its me and you on our honnymoon tomorrow" i groweled in her ear and got up she smiled and got changed into a bueatiful bueatiful christmas dress "where did you get that" i asked  she smiled "its past down to our family el wore it when she was able to and i wear it now" she said i smiled "you look wonderful in it my princess" she giggled  "no im the queen and your the king our daughters are the princesses" i laughed "good point love but were not married yet into later " she smiled and kissed my cheek and walk downstairs leving me to smile at how wonderful she is and how she likes to do her own things and is a verry sassy god i just love her.


a/n ok guys  i will update later with the wedding

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