I walked down the hallways, everybody was whispering and staring at me . One of the popular girls came up " who are you " she snarled "Alex, Alex jones " no your not she's a loser and a nerd " she laughed I out up my middle finger " oops looks like my middle finger likes you " I walked away so she can take a good look at my ass .......
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8. surpise part 2


chapter 8

surprise part 2

when i walked into the club it smelled like vodka;sex;smoke, i winced as the smell hit me. i was alone dancing because they boys went ot the go get drinks.

i felt a hand wrap around my waist and oull me around so now i was loooking at them i looked at the persons face i could not really get there featrues but YOLO! as the song changed into a more high bet song they pulled me close to them so are lips meet there lips flet like they used lipbalm, i wrapped my arms aaround his neck and admried his smell;peppermint.

" come with me " he fianlly said he pulled me outside i flet sad that i was leaving the boys but YOLO! (srry if i keep on saying that :(). we got inside a taxi and finally got to his hotel.

and you know what we did ................

i woke up in the mroing with the smell of boys coline. i slowly sat up i was confused were am i ? then i remembered


mystery boy


i looked at the boy sleeping next to me funny he had the same hair as .... harry?

i moved the mop of curls out of the way and gasped at the sight in frount of me, how could out of all the people in the air sleep with harry? my bestfriend.. i sowly got out of bed and got dressed and ran, he can not know!

couple hours later...........

knock,knock,kncok i turned my head torwd the door, i opend the door to my cheecky bestfriend harry.

' yes" i said with my eyebrows raised.

" just wondering if you want this" he grabed black pumps out of a bag; AKA my fucking shoes that i left at the hotel,.

'w-hy do you think i want those ' i said with my voice cracking

"last night a girl left them with me and they were your size so just wondering if you wanted them "

i sighed and grabed them and pushed him out. i slid down the door and looked at the shoes.

' bye bye' i threw them into the garbe bin next to me.




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