I walked down the hallways, everybody was whispering and staring at me . One of the popular girls came up " who are you " she snarled "Alex, Alex jones " no your not she's a loser and a nerd " she laughed I out up my middle finger " oops looks like my middle finger likes you " I walked away so she can take a good look at my ass .......
Read it to find more xx;)

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6. Harold!


Chapter 6

~ one direction ~ 

( ily if you read it In that voice ;) x) 

Alex's p.o.v 

( In this story thus is were they had there tattoos and hair is kind of different)

" thanks " I said to Niall 

" Louis" he ran to but I didn't fall 

and the last one ...

" I'm harry " he smirked then hugged me I breathed in his cologne it smelled like vanilla or mint.

1 hour later we were do we with the interview it was so boring ! Ugh but they said that I could come back to the flat. He were really close now!

" Louis .." I looked at Louis " can you carry me pretty please " I said In a baby voice and did the puppy dog face " uhh fine " I smiled and jumped on his back he ran to the front door and landed on the couch me and louis were the only ones laughing I finally stopped 

" um where's the washroom "

" I will take you" harry yelled and grabbed me into his room 

" In there  love" he said

2 min later - I walked out and saw harry siting on the bed looking at a picture frame it looked like him with a girl I looked at his face he was crying, he whispered " I love you " to the picture frame he must of not of saw me.. 

" harry?" I said 

He looked up quickly sat on the frame and rubbed his eyes so the tears would go away.

" Just allergies " he laughed nervously

I walked over to him " harry let me see it " 

he handed the picture frame it was 

me.. With Harold! How did he get this picture!! Anger boiled up inside me 

" how did you get this?" I yelled 

" it's mine! It's me I'm a old friend!" He yelled back 

" harry that's me" i  pointed the the picture he looked at the picture then me   The only difference was I have longer hair! 

" Alex?" He whispered 

"Yea " I sobbed out right now I was crying ...   


( authors note ; your lucky I did this to updates! I only slept 1 hour last night! That's what happens when you have a sleepover with 6 girls god .. But update tomm! Maybe :) because I have to go to the doctors to get a brace on my knee ... ILY;) -alli xx) 



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