I walked down the hallways, everybody was whispering and staring at me . One of the popular girls came up " who are you " she snarled "Alex, Alex jones " no your not she's a loser and a nerd " she laughed I out up my middle finger " oops looks like my middle finger likes you " I walked away so she can take a good look at my ass .......
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3. Harold


Chapter 3


I was scrolling down my twitter feed I stopped at one that caught my eye

  X factor is audentiong( idk how to spell it) in 10 days !!!! 

X factor ? What's that I looked it up on google and saw that it was a singing show and winner gets a record label.. Well I was always a singer but never singed In front In peo- I bumped into somebody I looked up and saw a mop of curls! It's the boy from yesterday.

" hey " I said and smiled 

" o your the girl from yesterday!"

" yep" I said popping the 'p' " and I never caught your name I'm Alex" I smiled at him I melted In his green eye.

" Harold " 

We walked to school he opens the door for me 

" thanks gentleman" and I bowed for him he laughed at as soon as I walked down the Halls Harold by my side , all eyes were on me. Ever since I changed I got this and I hated. 

" just follow me " I whispered to him and he nodded

" so your popular?" He questioned 

"some what like that" 


9 days later ... Me and Harold became really good friends! We hung out every day after school. But tomm I am going to adution for the X factor

how will he take it ?i don't know ...

( I will update after soccer practice -alli xx ) 


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