I walked down the hallways, everybody was whispering and staring at me . One of the popular girls came up " who are you " she snarled "Alex, Alex jones " no your not she's a loser and a nerd " she laughed I out up my middle finger " oops looks like my middle finger likes you " I walked away so she can take a good look at my ass .......
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4. Bye


Chapter 4


(Authors note: I  won't get to update so often this weekend  because I have 2 projects due on Monday a soccer game and party but I will try to add alot of chapters in bye Saturday ily -alli x.  ) 

i called Harold over to my house tomm I was leaving well If I lost I was coming back but if I win the I would leave.. Suddenly I heard a ding-ding- i ran down the stairs and pushed my sister out of the way.

" Cunt" she yelled 

" bitch please go play with your friends and have a play date " she just ran to her room I laughed and opened the door to my best friend- Harold.

" hey Alex you called me over so vas happenin?" ;) get it?   ( I just wanted to ) 

" I just need to tell you something " I pulled him up  the stairs  and into my room.

" yes" he said jumping on my bed 

" I am going to audition for the x-factor tomorrow and just wanted to tell you" I finally choked out

" you sing?  I sing to!" He screamed  

" yea I do and you should audition to!" If we did then maybe .. We would both get out into the same band.. Or we both get do be solo artists! 

" yea but.. I front of all of those people! I don't think so " he laughed out!

" Yea but promise me you will be watching "

" promise ?"I raised my eyebrows " forever and always Alex" he pecked my check and layer  my head down on his shoulder and





smiled.. His green eyes his short curly hair his lips were soft , wa- shut it Alex! He's just a friend

...  But do I want more then that?.. I don't know  ok maybe I have a little crush ...

-- next day--

i was sitting back stage waiting for my name to be called yes I was shaking so one tapped my shoulder I looked to my left 

" 2 min go and stand over there Alex" a producer said .I walked over to the curtain, suddenly a person walked off crying .. O lord please don't let that happen to me. I walked on stage 

" what's your name." Demi smiled she's so perfect I love her!

" Alex jones "  I said into the mic 

" what are you going to sing for us?" A bald head dude said 

" wanted : hunter Hayes "  I pulled the mic off the stick thing and ..

i don't know how you do what you do

cause everything that don't make sense about 

make sense when I'm with yo-

" stop!" Simon yelled 

" we made are decision already Alex" Demi smiled why is she smiling I thought she was going to say no!

" Yes " they all said at a time, I can't believe it ... I said thank you and ran off stage and I looked at my phone -1 new text message - I opened it up it was form Harold 

good job you were amazing super star <3. I smiled mostly because he did watch it and he put a heart ..


--2 days later -- I was still at the X factor place they called me back I never got to go home because I was staying at a hotel , I was scared what if they wanted to let me go?

i opened the door to the stage and looked at Demi and Simon already there with that baldy dude 

















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