I walked down the hallways, everybody was whispering and staring at me . One of the popular girls came up " who are you " she snarled "Alex, Alex jones " no your not she's a loser and a nerd " she laughed I out up my middle finger " oops looks like my middle finger likes you " I walked away so she can take a good look at my ass .......
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5. 10 years


Chapter 5

~10 years~

Alex's p.o.v 

" Alex..."  Simon said 

" yes?" I knew he was gonna say no.

" You did not make it I know you wanted to be in a band but you can't" Demi said sadly..

" O ok well by-" Demi stopped me 

" we are not done! We don't want to put you in a band we want to put you as a solo artist" 

-10 years later- 

i was back stage in my dressing room about to leave you probably wondered what happened to me? O I won x-factor now I'm done with my tour! I have so many fans I am just happy I'm done, one thing that I'm still sad about is that I texted Harold right after that day and he never answered! It's been 7 months 4 days but who's counting ......

I left the dressing room and ran out of the building and ran to my car and drove away to my flat...

 I walked in not giving a flying fuck , and ran to my bed I have never slept on the bed in 6 months!  I slept on a bus, or a hotel!













i woke up to the sun in my eyes I must if not shut the  blinds. 

I picked my phone and looked at it

3 new messages and 2 missed phone calls, I looked at my messages 

mom; how's it going finally being home ? Love you xx 

I smiled and answered  awesome! Love you 2:)

i looked at my other one from Angela.. Angela is my manger were like sisters! But sometimes she annoys the fuck out of me.

hey I got some news;) 

What was the news, I called her ( the convo goes like Alex= and a= for Angela) 

a= "finally you answered guess!" She squealed 

Alex= " it's 8 in the morning dumbass and what?" I groaned at the end I don't need a  photoshoot or a stupid recording session I am taking a 5 year break haha nope I wish more like 5 week break.

a= " I got you a interview" she yelled again I stood up and started pacing around the room I love interviews! But with who?

Alex= " who?" I yelled 

a= " one direction there like the hottest and fucking awesomest people in the world if you mess this up wi-" 

alex= " ok ok I will go and calm down" I laughed out 

 a= " it's today Alex! There coming at 12!"

Alex= "ok" I hung up I thought I got time but when I looked at the clock 11:50! God dammit!

i ran to my closet and picked out a blue tank top and some skinny jeans, then put my hair into a top bun and out on some light make up then ding! How did they find my flat? 

I opened the door to them 5 boys. 

" hey" I said 

" hello I'm Liam " he shacked my hand. 

" hello love I'm zayn " he shacked my hand 






" Niall!" He ran and hugged me and we both landed on the floor he was ok top of me he was laughing so hard but I was looking into his eyes.. He fought me looking into them and smiled then Held me up . Was that a motherfucking moment ? 






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