A Tribute to the Companions (New Series)


1. Companions

Now the Doctor's back alive
And the series will thrive
But he never is alone
Not even when his companion is gone
Because he finds someone new
And he's found quite a few
But let's think of those he's gotten
For they're gone but not forgotten
First, we have the girl he loved
The blond one with the crazy mum
She was sweet, Rose was her name
Or Bad Wolf, it's just the same
For she absorbed what she should not
But she loved the Doctor a lot
But that's not all as you know
As she saved again the world
Daleks, Cybermen, all gone
But now Rose was all alone
In a parallel universe she was trapped
Without the Doctor she so loved
He tried to tell her how he felt
Not caring that the world might melt
And you might hear me weep and cry
For all he said was: "Rose Tyler, I-"
So old Rose was now gone
Here comes the girl who walked the earth
This one's love towards the Doc
Didn't get much in return
But don't think that she gave up
When the Master showed up
He was an enemy of his
Both Timelords but not in peace
So when the Doctor was imprisoned
Martha stopped and used her reason
Around the earth she walked and walked
And to all the people talked
She turned them against the Master
A though was all for his disaster
After she had saved the earth
Good old Martha simply left
Then, the girl who forgot came
The Doctor's best friend she became
She was kind and fierce, with passion
The most important woman in creation
In the end her mind caught flames
As she shared Timelord DNA
So the Doctor had to delete
All her memories with him
Now Donna Noble had forgot
Her contribution to the world
Then the Doctor regenerated
With this came the girl who waited
A little ginger the crack in her wall fears
And waits for the Doctor for twelve years
At long last Amelia travels
With the Doctor she finds troubles
Then the Last Centurian joins
The boy who died in many points
He was patient, full of love
For our one Amelia Pond
They gat married, have a child
River Song whose hair is wild
She became the Doctor's wife
Though she had to take his life
But the Doctor is so clever
That they both live forever
Back to the Ponds, oh what a couple
Defeated Angels in the Big Apple
But before they can celebrate
The last Angel changes their fate
Back in time they were sent
The Doc could not see them again
And as the Doctor mourned the Ponds
The impossible girl came along
Clara Oswald was the girl
Although she died, she carried on
She was proved to be so brave
When they were at the Doctor's grave
She saved the Doctor, all was fine
By jumping in his timeline
That's what Clara was born to do
Soon wild Moffat will kill her, too
So if you ask me who I love in Doctor Who
I'll tell you the Timelord, but his companions, too

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