Escaping kerala

Hope, a 17 year old girl, is trapped. She doesn't know why or where, but when a boy like her self joins her, she seeks an opportunity of escaping.


4. Young Boy

I can hear the yelling and screaming coming closer and closer, I stay under my blanket until suddenly I hear a thump and the bar gate open. It sounded like a gear scraping against another one. I listen carefully, and there is no sound. All I here is the gate closing again and someone walking off (probably the guard). I'm too afraid to take the blanket off of me, but my curiosity takes the best of me, and I do anyways. 


I look around and see nothing, until I look down and notice a body.  It was a boy, that looked close to the age of 17 like me. I cover my mouth in shock (thinking he's dead), but I start to see him move his head slowly. I sigh in relief and quietly get off my bed. I start to examine him. I notice he has blonde hair and blue eyes like me too. I ignore the fact, and quickly jump back up on to my bed as I notice him starting to move again. I start to here him mumble "where am I?". He starts to get up slowly, like I would in the morning.


I get off the bed once more and help him up, as I notice he must of gotten a pretty bad hit on the head. He moves his hand away from mine and quickly stands up while taking a few steps back. I notice that he is scared so I assure him that I won't hurt him "Don't worr-" but he cuts me off. "Stay away, I know you're only trying to hurt me!". "No, I got taken away just like you did, I can help you get use to it" I quickly reply. He pauses, and starts looking at me oddly "I don't want to get 'used to it', I wanna leave now!". I start to shake my head, and I can tell by the look in his clear blue eyes that he knows he won't be leaving any time soon.

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