Escaping kerala

Hope, a 17 year old girl, is trapped. She doesn't know why or where, but when a boy like her self joins her, she seeks an opportunity of escaping.


2. Whispers

"Stomp, stomp, stomp" I can hear her, I can feel my body vibrating as she rapidly walks down the hall to my dungeon. As I cling my cold fingers around the bars of my cage, I hear whispers. I hear something about a young boy, but I can't quite make out the rest.  


She suddenly appears in front of the bars that separate us. I greet her kindly with confusion  in my eyes " Hello Maiden Kerala". I'm about to ask her about what I heard, but something stops me. Maybe I'm not meant to know, or maybe I am. I try asking her one more time hoping I get a good answer, "Maiden Kerala, I heard you say something about a young boy". She starts walking back and fourth back and fourth in front of my dungeon. She stops and takes a long pause, and suddenly she starts.... laughing. She finally replies '' Oh, nothing my dear. You will find out tomorrow". She leaves strangely without a simple goodbye.


For the rest of the day I kept thinking of what Maiden Kerala had said. What could she mean by young boy. All the thinking started to hurt my head (especially since she said I didn't "deserve" to eat today), so I decided to go to sleep. I straightened my bed sheet out which lied on top of a metal bed frame. I propped myself on top of my bed and fixed my head on the pillow case filled with crumpled up newspaper. It wasn't the most comfortable way to sleep, but that is all I was given.


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