Escaping kerala

Hope, a 17 year old girl, is trapped. She doesn't know why or where, but when a boy like her self joins her, she seeks an opportunity of escaping.


12. Symbol

I can't figure out what Niall is staring at. Then, he points his finger to one of the names on the list. He stares at the name, until I notice it says Lindsay. From the sad look in his eyes, I know it's his sister for sure. I try to pull the list away from him. Maybe this way, he won't feel any pain. As I reach for the list, he quickly moves away from me. "I can't see you like this! just hand me the list" I finally say. He doesn't respond, so I reach for it again. "Wait!" Niall says, as he stops me from taking away the list. "There is something beside Lindsay's name" He says. I look at the name, and I notice a small symbol beside it. "What could it mean?" He asks. I stop and think. ''What could it mean?" I ask myself.


My thoughts get interrupted when Niall shoves me in a closet with him. "What are you doin-" I yell, as Niall cuts me off by covering my mouth with his hands. "Sorry, I heard footsteps coming towards the room" Niall whispers to me. For a moment I don't believe him, but then I also hear the foot steps. Someone has now entered the room. I feel the vibration of the foot steps beneath me. Niall tells me it is Maiden Kerala, but I sense someone else is with her. "I need more children!" Maiden Kerala says to the other person. "You shall go tonight to capture more. Now leave!" Maiden Kerala leads the other person out of her room.


"I think she is talking to a guard" I say to Niall. "Who else would she send out to complete her evil tasks?". Niall doesn't respond. I am about to step out of the closet, but then Niall stops me. "What are you doing? Niall asks angrily. "Maiden Kerala could still be out there, I don't want you to get caught" he says. 


After a while, I realize it is feeding time for the other children. I explain to Niall that Maiden Kerala would of left by now to help hand out the meals. "Wait a minute. What are we going to do if Maiden Kerala realizes were not there?" Niall asks nervously. "Don't worry" I say with a friendly smile. "Before we escaped the cage, I placed your sister's old ball under our blanket. They will think we are just napping." I say. Niall seems relieved, but it doesn't last too long. "We need to go" He says. 


A/N: I hope you enjoyed this chapter :)

Where will they go? What does the symbol beside Lindsay's name mean?


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