Escaping kerala

Hope, a 17 year old girl, is trapped. She doesn't know why or where, but when a boy like her self joins her, she seeks an opportunity of escaping.


11. List

We couldn't believe our eyes. "Do you think this is the room she lives in?" said Niall. Without responding, I slowly observe the room around me. I notice the dark floral sheets on top of the most comfortable bed I have ever seen. The room was filled with carpets and wardrobes that seemed like they costed a fortune. As I look around the room, I notice Niall opening drawers, and searching for notes and documents throughout the room. "What are you doing Niall, you can't look at peoples personal items?!" I finally say. ''There might be something that can help us escape, or even give us clues on who Maiden Kerala really is" He replies. He was right, so I helped him look for any clues.


I kept looking through drawers and there was nothing, until I came upon a small cabinet sitting on the ground, against the wall. I was opening the cabinet, as I started to cringe. As I finally pulled it open, there was nothing to be found. My hands felt the inside of the cabinet, hoping there was something. I feel the bottom of the cabinet, and I notice how loose it was. My first instinct is to lift the bottom of the cabinet off the ground, and when I do Niall notices a smile on my face. "What did you find?" He says, as he rushes over. I hand him the envelope that I found sitting at the bottom of the cabinet.


Niall rushes to open the envelope. "This must be the list of children Maiden Kerala has captured!" Niall says, as he looks down at the list of names. He skims through the names, and then stops. There is a moment of silence, and I can see his face growing serious now.


A/N: I am soooo sorry I haven't updated for a while :( but I still hope you are enjoying the book.


What is on that list??





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