Escaping kerala

Hope, a 17 year old girl, is trapped. She doesn't know why or where, but when a boy like her self joins her, she seeks an opportunity of escaping.


13. Exit

Niall rushes out of Maiden Kerala's room, leaving the list behind. However, I'm distracted by the symbol beside Lindsay's name. What if it is important?, I ask myself. "Are you coming?" Niall shouts from outside of the room, "We should keep going down this hallway", he continues. I fold up the list and slip it in my pocket. Then, I follow Niall, as he presumptuously directs me through the continuous hallway. 


Niall looks determined. We haven't spoken once since we left Maiden Kerala's room and began down this hallway. However, soon enough, our silent walk comes to an end when we've hit another dead end. "I don't get it, we've been through this whole place and we haven't found Lindsay or a way of escaping Kerala." Evidently, Niall is frustrated. He slams his fist towards the wall ending the hallway, releasing his rage. I notice two doors on either side of the walls in the hallway. One door reading "Exit" and the other "aeternarum tenebrarum". 


"Look Niall!, this may be our way out!" I point towards the exit door. He looks up, and a smile appears across his face. However, one glance at the other door has him unsure and confused once again. I know what he's thinking, and I must stop him before he makes the wrong decision."No Niall, we can't risk it. We don't even know what it means."


"What if my sister is in there?" He says, as he grabs the door nob and pushes it open. What we see next astonishes us. 


Pictures of possibly all the children ever captured are hung up on the walls, including mine. Some children had x's marked along the pictures of them. Though, a few of the children had a symbol across their picture that I recognized. I pull out the list from maiden Kerala's room and compare the symbol on the walls to the one beside Lindsay's name. Niall peers over my shoulder and soon realizes the similarities between both symbols...they're exactly the same!


"That symbol. It is so's like a star, but with six sides" Niall explains. Niall grabs the list and continues to speak. However, with the lack of food from my diet, I begin to get a headache. I lean on a table against the wall. Unknowingly, the unstable table falls over, as do I. Niall rushes over in worry. "Are you okay?" He asks, grasping my hand and helping me up until I'm balanced. "Yes. But I think we should pick up these papers that got knocked over" I say, assuring that our presence remains unnoticeable. 


Niall kindly pushes me aside so that he is able to gather the pages. I begin looking around. Then, I notice 6 pictures of the children forming the symbol of the star hung on one side of the wall. 


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