Escaping kerala

Hope, a 17 year old girl, is trapped. She doesn't know why or where, but when a boy like her self joins her, she seeks an opportunity of escaping.


7. Drawings

It's the morning. I feel the warmth of the sun light shinning down on me. I also feel someone against me. I turn around and to my surprise I see Niall laying beside me. He must of snuck into the bed last night. I got up off the bed quietly, to make sure Niall didn't wake up. I look down at the floor and see drawings and a few words. I bend down closer to see the drawings more clearly. Niall must of been up all night working on this.


I suddenly hear Maiden Kerala coming, so I quickly rip the blanket off of Niall, and use it to hide the drawings. Maiden Kerala shows up with a raging look in her eyes, she stood in front of my prison with a bell. She rang it so loud I had to cover my ears. "Wake up you slob!" she shouts out to Niall. Niall woke up in shock. "I am Maiden Kerala, your mother" Maiden Kerala says to Niall.  Niall jumps out of bed and yells at Maiden Kerala "You toke my sister away from me, it's all your fault!  I want to see her!" But Maiden Kerala couldn't care less about what Niall had to say.  She carelessly put two bowls of porridge in front of the prison bars.


She stomped her 3 inch heels all the way down the hall again until she is no longer visible. I grabbed the two bowls and handed one to Niall. "Mmm... plane porridge" says Niall sarcastically. I don't mind porridge, but today it tasted different. It tasted like something wasn't right with it? 


What could be wrong with the porridge?

What drawings is Hope hiding under the blanket?


Please share!!

If you haven't already realized I have changed the previous chapter, hope you enjoy it!! :)



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