Escaping kerala

Hope, a 17 year old girl, is trapped. She doesn't know why or where, but when a boy like her self joins her, she seeks an opportunity of escaping.


9. Almost a moment

"Wait Niall, you can't just leave" I pull his hand towards me. " Are you really gonna risk your life!" I shout. " I have to find my sister" he replies. Niall lets go of my hand and storms down the hallway. I rush after him, if he's leaving than I am too. Before I leave, I tuck the ball under the blankets.  He slows down a bit, and I sigh in relief. The whole walk down the hallway has been quiet so I finally break the silence "Niall, where are we going?". He starts running down the hallway, I catch up to him. '' Look down there!" he points out in front of him. Before us is a large wooden door and a guard protecting it. 


Niall nudges my elbow, as if he wanted me to play along. "This prisoner escaped, I'm taking her back"Niall said in a deep controlling voice to the guard. The guard nodded his head and opened the large wooden door. Niall  walked straight through the doorway acting as if he was a guard himself. Once the guard closes the door, Niall and I sigh in relief. ''You sounded like a real guard" I say to Niall. "Acting was kind of my thing back in Colorado '' he replies as we continue to walk down the tunnel of the doorway. The tunnel was narrow, and had paintings of children all over the walls. The floor was a beige color, and was full of scratch marks and dirt. 


"This is weird Niall, we should go back" I say. He stops and turns to me. He grabs my shoulders with his warm hands and says "We can't leave now Hope". He stares in to my eyes and before I know it he leans in and our lips almost touch. " Ahhhhhh!". We here screaming so we run as fast as we can. As we run I think of the wonderful moment Niall and I almost could of had together. The screaming stops, so we slow down a bit. In front of us is rows and rows of dungeons lined up across the walls. Almost each one is filled with at least one child. We soon realize the screaming is coming from a child that Maiden Kerala is pulling down the hallway by the ear. We hide behind a wall as Maiden Kerala leaves with the child. 



What's going to happen next on hope and Niall's journey?

I hope you guys are enjoying my book! :)

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