Space Station 5


1. Chapter 1

Cold, Cold-blooded, Deadpan, Detached, Dispassionate, Distant, Frigid, Glacial, Heartless, Icy, Impassive, Impersonal, Non-emotional, Stony-eyed, Thick skinned, Unemotional. These words all mean the same thing. Just a **lot** of different ways of saying emotionless. The L'Saerans, a race of humanoids, where so used to be called these words. But they didn't care. They saw it as a compliment, not as an insult because as far as they could see emotions always got in the way of the lives of others. A long time ago, they used to feel emotions. This was a time when they all were happy. They used to wander around for no reason. Study just for the sake of it. Laughter happened on a regular basis. No negative emotions took place on this planet. No not on Madrelis. There was no need for them. Until, the humans from the other planet came along and brought negativity with them. The L'Saerans resented them and they realised how much an impact these humans had made. This changed their whole view on emotions. They saw them as a nuisance. They saw no logic in having them until it came to point where they just stopped feeling and this suited them fine. The Proogons did not agree with their way of thinking. They were the complete opposite, as opposite as they could get. Their whole race depended on the foundation of negative emotions and they were proud of that fact. Unlike the L'Saerans, they looked nothing like humans. They had scales the colour of dark red blood and they wore bright silver armour. As children, they were taught combat. They were bred to be warriors. Not slaves like the L'Saerans. They were born to rule and rule they would. This is what started the war. The Proogons need to prove their superiority to the rest of the Voor Prime solar system. And in this way, they knew there was no way of losing. The war was pretty predictable. Just like every other war there has been. Bloody, horrible and gaury. One day, that all changed. The L'Saerans started to burst into raging fits of anger. No one expected this, not even the L'Saerans themselves knew what was going on. But was shocked them even more was that they started dying from what appeared to be stress on the brain. Before they died though, they would have a week of an one long emotional outburst which no matter what could not be helped by anyone or anything. They started getting worried that when they cleared planet, it was inevitable that they would move on to another planet and do exactly the same thing. But, no one knew how they were doing it. Doctors were trying in every way possible to figure out the answer but it was deemed impossible. One day, the leader of the L'Saerans stood up in the middle of the capital city. He wore a sea green robe, the colour of authority on Madrelis. It flowed down to his feet on which he was wearing a pair of golden sandals the same colour as his hair which fell down his back to just below his shoulders. He stood behind a giant silver podium and edged towards the microphone. He gulped before saying, "This has to be stopped someway, we all know it, and the only way, I regret to inform you..." He stared out in front of him to see over a thousand expectant faces waiting to be told the truth. All staring at a man who was considered the strongest. The man everyone looked up to. The strongest man of an unemotional race. All of a sudden, the crowd started to look even more nervous as before as they saw a single tear drop down the side of his face. At that point, they knew they had no hope. Nothing to cling on to. The leader took a few more seconds (which felt like minutes to the onlookers) to compose himself. Then, he forced himself to go on. "The only way we will be able to stop them is to kill them which also means destroying the planet and its entirety. We must sacrifice our race to save the others. This is not a choice. This is unavoidable. I am sorry." He stepped down from the podium and entered a small grey building that stood underneath. In there, was a long table with 39 tall brown chairs which had flowers engraved into the wood. All the chairs were taken by people wearing similar robes to the leader but in a bright red colour. They were all talking about what had just happened. They called it the downfall of Madrelis. Every single one of them silenced as they turned round to look at the door as the leader walked in. He took his place at the top of the table, at the other end of the room. He took his time to sit down and when he had finally done so, he looked up he saw the whole congregation was staring at him. There was an awkward silence no one wanted to fill. Making an innumerable amount of people jump, a small man at the corner of the table decided he had enough of the silence and blurted out, "How are we to destroy the planet, may l ask?" The leader turned round and surveyed the man until he said,"Yes, you may ask. Over a thousand years ago, the current leader of this planet was about to go into war, a war very like the one we are in now. He decided if the war went horribly wrong, he needed an escape plan. So, he spent 3 years drilling a hole into the ground right through to the middle of the planet. There he placed an explosive weapon like no other. It had the capability of destroying whole planets at the touch of a button. This button has been passed down from generation to generation and now because I am currently leader, I possess this trigger button." This started some discussion between the members. "Why have we only just been told about this?"whispered a man who sat to the left of the leader."The reason you have only just heard of this is because it was a top secret mission that only a few people knew of. This device, as I was told by my father, must only be used if the situation becomes so terrible, which l believe it has." "Who will set it off?" "Unfortunatly, we cannot do it. It has to be set off from somewhere off-planet. l refuse to take on this job because as the earth men say 'a Captain must go down with his ship' and that is what I will do. I have left the job up to one of our kind who lives aboard Space Station 5. Her name is Lalia."
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