Save You

Pain...... Excruciating pain. The bottom half of my body is numb. I can't feel a thing. I just lay here on my blood stained bed shivering from the open but barred window. Im trapped. Like a prisoner trapped. No freedom. My head is pounding. My ribs ache. I try and close my eyes so the darkness swallows me again. I succeed. I feel less pain. Im happier. It seems like the old times when everything was normal. Nothing had changed and gone away from me forever. I feel safe. Warm. Loved. The darkness only lasted for a bit longer until i'm brought back to reality. Pain takes control of my body again.




"w-what?" I asked shakily. " I'm sorry miss. You've had a miscarriage." The doctor said apologetically. Its over. I am officially broken. I've lost everything. Why me? Why do i have go through this shit. Why not that asshole who got me pregnant? My life has been shit for the past 4 years apart from these past months. I've been looking forward to looking after the baby. Loving it like i was supposed to be loved. Waking them up in the morning, seeing their eyes open for the first time, them speaking their first word, walking for the first time or just to be called 'mum'. But now I cant do that. I'm stuck with just being my boring self, no one to look after or to love. I feel empty. Nothing to look forward to. I'm crushed.

I felt tears start to pour down my face. I stared sobbing. I brought my knees up to my chest. I buried my face in my lap. My body was shaking with each breath I took. I felt a warm pair of arms wrap around me and bring me close their body. They gently rocked me back and forth making me feel tired, but also feeling better as well. "shhhh shhhh shhhh. Its ok. I'm here." Liam whispered into me ear, kissing me on the forehead after. " I'm so sorry Alice, If there was something I could do I would." He said still rocking me. I was silently sobbing into his chest with me eyes closed.

We stayed like that for ages. Not saying anything but Liam just rocking me and me crying into his chest. He would kiss my forehead and tell me everything will be alright and that he is there for me. I'm so glad I have Liam. I don't think I could of gone through with this if he wasn't here. I would be lost.  


She looks broken. When the doctor told her that she lost the baby, she froze, no emotion, she just sat still, not blinking or breathing, until she just burst out crying. It pained me to see her like this. I can see how much she wanted the baby. We used to talk about it went all the boys were busy and it was just me and her. She used to get so exited about it. She really wanted to become a mum. She told me that this was the only thing that has happened to her which has meant so much to her, and it just kills me to see that the thing she cared about the most has gone.

I looked down at her. she was clinging to my shirt, with her head buried into my chest. She had stopped crying now and was sleeping. But you could still see how upset she was. She had tear stained cheeks and she had the saddest face ever. 

The doctors told me we could leave. I didn't want to wake her so i picked her up gently and carried her out to the car. I placed her into the passenger seat. I ran around the car and jumped into the drivers seat and started to drive back home. I was listening to music in the background. I kept on looking over to Alice to see if she is ok but she just stays in the same position for the whole ride.

When i got back i noticed that all the guys are there. What am I gonna tell them? I mean i cant just say, 'oh yeah she was raped, got pregnant and then lost the baby'. Yeah I don't think that will go down very well. I will just have to think something up on the spot.

I got out the car and walked over to Alice's side. I noticed that she was waking up so i shook her gently. "Alice. love we need to go inside." I said softly. She moaned and pushed me away. I chuckled. " Alice you cant stay in the car forever you need to go inside." "fine give me a minuet" she mumbled half asleep. I was getting cold so i gave up and carried her to the front door. I placed her gently on her feet and opened the door. I stepped in the house and waited for her to follow me. She seemed weary. So I gave her the 'its ok look'. " I'm here don't worry" i whispered to her when she walked up to me. We walked down the hallway until we heard laughing coming from the living room. Alice looked worried, for some weird reason, so i lead her to my room and told her to go rest. She obliged and laid down. I covered her with my duvet and stroked her hair until she fell asleep.

I got up and walked down the stairs and into the living room. Well here goes nothing. I just hope Alice wont be mad if it tell them.  

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