Save You

Pain...... Excruciating pain. The bottom half of my body is numb. I can't feel a thing. I just lay here on my blood stained bed shivering from the open but barred window. Im trapped. Like a prisoner trapped. No freedom. My head is pounding. My ribs ache. I try and close my eyes so the darkness swallows me again. I succeed. I feel less pain. Im happier. It seems like the old times when everything was normal. Nothing had changed and gone away from me forever. I feel safe. Warm. Loved. The darkness only lasted for a bit longer until i'm brought back to reality. Pain takes control of my body again.



Woke up with the sun streaming in through the window blinding me in the face. I groaned and rolled off the sofa, which I seemed to have fallen asleep on, and got up and closed the curtains. I walked into the Kitchen and made myself a coffee. I went outside and sat down on the step and drank my coffee feeling the hot liquid pour down my throat. I watched the steam come out from the top of my cup and disappear into the air. I sat there in silence listening to the birds singing their different songs or tunes. I loved the mornings. I don't get why people hate it. The cold and fresh air, everything seems so quiet and peaceful, its relaxing, noting to worry about, nothing to do, I don't know why but I enjoy being alone in the morning, just doing what I want to do and no one to disturb me. It clears my mind of anything that is worrying me and saves it for later in the day.

I drank the last sip of my coffee, walked back into the kitchen and put my cup into the sink. I decided to go for a jog so I went into my room and got changed into some sweats and a grey baggy jumper. I wrote a note to the boys saying what I was doing and where I was going. I slipped my trainers on and plugged my headphones into my phone and run out the door and started to jog down my road to Battersea Park.


I ran around the park for about an hour until I stared to feel tired so I made my way back to the house. When I got back I ran straight up to have a shower. I turned the water on and waited for the water to get hot. I stripped out of my sweaty clothes and put them in the dirty washing basket. I stepped into the steaming hot shower letting the hot water run down my body.

I stepped out the shower and dried myself off. I walked back into my room and put some baggy shorts on and walked into the kitchen. Louis and Niall were the only people up , which is normal all the other boys seem to like to spend most of their day sleeping and rolling around in their own filth.

I smelled burnt toast and butter. Louis has obviously has tried to make himself something to eat. I swear I don't know how he can eat his own food its like eating poison, really I'm not over exaggerating he once forgot to cook his own food because it was already pre-cooked but u had to cook it again, yeah he didn't do that again.

"morning guys" I yawned. " mornin" Niall said taking a bite out of his toast. " so what are you doing today?" Louis asked. " well I'm gonna visit Alice if you guys wanna come but I'm leaving soon cause I wanna stay with her as long as possible" I said looking at them both. They nodded and Niall told me he was gonna come with. He ran up the stairs to get changed while i was making myself something to eat. " so lou what you doin today?" i asked " nothing really probably gonna go see El and hang with her for a bit" " oh ok have fun" " thanks mate" i smiled at him and put my plate in the sink and went back into watch some TV. i waited for a while longer until Niall came down. " right you ready?" i asked him. " yep leggo!!". We put our shoes on and walked out to my car.



Last night i think was the best nights sleep i have had in years! i had a blanket, nice warm bed and the window wasn't wide open! The only annoying thing was the beeping machine next to me, i think the nurse told me it was to measure my heart beat.

Its around 9 ish in the morning. i couldn't sleep any longer cause i think i slept for ages yesterday. I'm just staring out the window because my bed is next to it. I'm not really supposed to open the curtains this early because of the other patients but i was board so i couldn't help it. I'm really hungry and i can tell by how loud my stomach is growling. I HATE the hospital food but its better than I've had in a while. I've already had breakfast which was two slices of toast, an egg, beans and two sausages. plus I've got this drip thing on my arm which gives me more protein or something like that cause the nurse said i was really dehydrated. I'm pretty sore around my stomach or my arms or legs, well to put it bluntly I'm sore all over , most of my body aches or stings. When i got the stitches on my stomach it felt fine but now it stings like a bitch. I feel really dirty cause i haven't had a shower for ages and i still haven't. i feel all sticky and dirty. I feel bad because I'm sitting in this clean bed and I'm making it all dirty by laying in it.


I lay there for a little longer until i heard the door open to my ward and two guys stepped in, One was Liam and i think the other was called Niall or Zayn. No i don't think it was Zayn i think he had curly hair. Nope I'm gonna go with Niall.


"Hey luv" Liam smiled kindly at me " Hayo" i said smiling back. " well someone's happy" Niall laughed. " Yeah food does that" "haha yeah same here". " well we brought food if you want some that's if you can eat it" Liam said brining out a McDonalds bag. " Oh My God yes!! i want some! I haven't had this in ages" i practically screamed at them. They stared laughing at me and it made me feel all happy inside. I don't think I've had a proper good laugh with people since i was 15.

I opened the bag of food to be blown away by and amazing smell of the food. " mmmmm" i said licking my lips. i Picked up some chips and stuffed them in my face. " ummm Alice"  Niall said with a smirk. "hmm" i looked at him "uh ha- you've got- um something on your face" he said trying to hide his laughter. i swallowed my chips and wiped my mouth with my hand to find that i had ketchup all around my face. I think i turned nearly as red as the sauce. That didn't help because Niall and Liam burst out laughing. "hey its not funny" i said trying not to laugh because Niall's laugh is addictive. They tried to stop. They were both holding their breaths and going bright red in the face. I couldn't hold it in any longer and burst out laughing. When I started they started. We were laughing for about 5 minuets and i think we woke all the patients in the ward. Niall had tears in his eyes and Liam was holding his stomach. I was gripping onto the sides of the bed.

I suddenly felt a sharp pain in the right side of my stomach. I stopped laughing and gripped my side in pain. The boys saw something was wrong and stopped laughing as well. " Alice what's the matter?! " Liam sounded really panicky. Another stabbing pain shot through my body. I moaned out in pain. " Quick Niall go get help!" i Started to feel lightheaded and my eyes were slowly closing. My breathing was staggered and i was shaking. " Alice!! Look at me. Keep your eyes open. Your gonna be ok i promise" Liam was now sitting in the bed with me and pulling me to his chest. One of my hands found its way to Liam's hand. I was silently sobbing whilst still gripping on my stomach. " shhhhhh. everything is gonna be ok." He was now stroking my hair. The pain had got less but it still hurt. I tried to concentrate on Liam's heartbeat. Listening to his voice echoing around his body. For the whole time i had my eyes tightly shut and i was holding his hand. Niall came running in with the nurse. The Nurse told Liam to get out of the bed, but when he did i whimpered at the now open and cold spot around me. Liam stopped, looked at the nurse and then back at me, i gazed up at him begging for him to come back, so he did, ignoring the gaze of the nurse he climbed back into the bed and cuddled me. I felt warmer and surprisingly better. The pain had pretty much stopped altogether. I closed my eyes again and listened to Liam's heartbeat again.



I'm really worried. When we were all laughing Alice seemed fine, but then i saw her go a bit paler then normal and then all of a sudden she stopped laughing altogether and clutched her stomach in agony. I don't want anything to happen to her or the baby. she seems so happy about the thought of being a mum. I really don't want anything to happen, I don't want anything else to hurt her.

I was holding her as close as i could. she was gripping my shirt. I notice that she had closed her eyes and i think she has fallen asleep again. I looked back up at Niall and the nurse who looked pretty pissed off at the moment.


" sir could you get out of the patients bed. We need to take her to an emergency scan" she said looking at me. And i think if looks could kill i would be dead on the floor.

i nodded my head and whispered to Alice that i had to get up. She let go and i shuffled myself off of the bed. I stood up next to her and held her hand. I don't care what the nurse said I'm holding her hand if she likes it or not.

" ok we need to take her to the scan. Are you coming?" she didn't bother looking at me only at Niall. He looked at me. I nodded.

"I wont be Liam will. I will just stay here. " Niall said still looking at me and not the nurse. She just nodded and told me to follow her. I was walking down the  halls still holder Alice's hand until we got to this door where we had to wake her up. "Alice.... wakeup luv you need to have a check up" i said shaking her gently. She moaned and rolled to her side. i chuckled lightly and picked her up bridal style. I got weird looks from the doctor when i walked into the room but i ignored it. I placed her gently onto the bed and sat down beside her still holding her hand.

"ok what I'm going to do is put this cold gel on her stomach and it will be cold so she will grip your hand a little bit tight." said the doctor a little amused.

He got a tube full of this gooey stuff and squeezed some of it onto Alice's stomach. And just like the doctor said she squeezed my hand. " don't worry Alice the doctor is just doing an ultra-sound" is whispered into her ear. Alice then opened her eyes and looked straight at me. I smiled at her not even noticing what the doctor was saying. After a while the doctor looked at us with an uneasy look on his face.

"uhhh- Mr Payne could you please step out the room so i could tell you something." he said.     " umm yeah sure". We both walked out the room. I stopped and waited for the doctor to explain. " I'm afraid there has been some complications in her pregnancy so far and there might be a slight possibility that she could have a miscarriage. I'm terribly sorry Mr Payne. you will have to keep an eye on her for about a month. But on the Brightside she will be able tot go home today." I stood there dumbfounded. She could lose the baby!  That would crush her. I was in shock but i nodded at what the doctor said and walked back into the room where Alice was. I found her asleep again. I smiled at her and picked her up and carried her back to her room. I placed her lightly on her bed, covered her over with the blanket and kissed her forehead. I saw her smile which made me smile back at her. I notice Niall was in the room. i smiled at him awkwardly and motioned for him and I to go outside. He nodded and got out of his seat and made his was over to the door.

I stepped outside into the corridor with Niall. " so um what happed?" Niall asked scratching the back of his neck. " to be honest its not good news." i sighed. I walked over to the seats by the wall and sat down. Niall followed me and sat down next to me. " so what is it?" he asked. " well uhm- the doctor said that its a possibility that she could have a miscarriage, but by the look on his face he almost looked like he was telling me that she was gonna lose the baby." i put my head in my hands which were resting on my knees. Niall patted my back. " don't worry mate, everything happens for a reason and this is what is meant to happen." I guess he had a point. i nodded and stood back up. " I'm just gonna go sign her out of the hospital. I want to get her out of here and home." Niall nodded while i walked away.



I cant believe that she could have a miscarriage! she's so sweet and kind she doesn't deserve all this shit. I'm happy that she is staying with us because she seems like a nice girl. She seems like fun. But i was looking forward to having little tiny feet run around the house. What No!!! She's still pregnant! she still might not have a miscarriage.

I walked back into her room to find that she was waking up, but i didn't bother her because i don't think Liam would like it if i woke her up without needing her for something. She did seem tired when we first came here.

I just hope that everything works out the way everyone wants it to.

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