Save You

Pain...... Excruciating pain. The bottom half of my body is numb. I can't feel a thing. I just lay here on my blood stained bed shivering from the open but barred window. Im trapped. Like a prisoner trapped. No freedom. My head is pounding. My ribs ache. I try and close my eyes so the darkness swallows me again. I succeed. I feel less pain. Im happier. It seems like the old times when everything was normal. Nothing had changed and gone away from me forever. I feel safe. Warm. Loved. The darkness only lasted for a bit longer until i'm brought back to reality. Pain takes control of my body again.



Me and the lads were in the car on the way back from a signing. Harry was driving us back to his place for the night. He lived on the quieter sides of london. Where he lived wasn't very busy. Which was good because hardly anyone knew who he was and that none of the paps would know where he lived.

I was sitting in the front and other boys were at the back.

We were driving down a country lane when i spotted something on the pavement. It was just lying there lifeless. It didn't look like an animal. When we passed it i realised that it was a girl. "Harry pull over" i told him " what?" " pull over theres someone on the floor unconscious" i said franticly. " what where i didn't see them"'Niall said. " if you stop i will show you" i said a little frustrated.

Finally Harry stopped the car and drove back to where the girl was. I got out of the car before it even stopped.

I ran over to the girl. She had bruises all over her face. Her top and shorts were covered in blood. She seemed to be holding her stomach.

The boys finally caught up with me. They all stared at the girl in aw.     " who would do such a thing" Liam said pretty angry. " i dunno" I said. " things what people do to other people really does piss me off" Liam swore.  He only ever swears when he's really mad. " Liam calm down" Zayn said patting Liams back. "what are we gonna do with her guys??" i asked. " well we can't just leave her" Liam said. We stood there thinking on what to do. Before anyone said anything Liam picked the girl up bridal style and carried her to the car. He put her down on the back seat and sat next to her looking over her body to see where the blood was from.

It was still black. I couldn't see anything. I could only hear what was going on around me.

I think i was laying on the pavement for hours. Im surprised no one saw me.

A while later i heard a car go past and then reverse back. I was praying that it wasn't the men who kidnapped me.

I felt a person come running towards me. They didn't say anything. Then other people came over.

Thats all i remember before i was swallowed back into darkness.

When i came back i felt warm. It didn't feel like i was outside again. What i was laying on was soft. I tried to open my eyes but i was too weak. All i could do was move my head a bit.

"look guys shes moving!!" a person said. I don't remember his voice. I tried to think if i knew that voice from somewhere but i couldn't.

It went quite again but it felt like people were staring at me. I tried to open my eyes again. They opened slightly. I tried again. They opened but i closed them again because i was afraid of who i was with.

" shes awake!!" another voice cried. Who are these people?? " come on try and open your eyes for us. We won't hurt you" i don't know why but i believed the person.

I opened my eyes to see that i was inside a car. I looked around and saw 5 worried boys all looking at me. It startled me so i tried to move back but the pain in my stomach was too much. I winced in pain. Holding my stomach. One of the boys realised that i was scared to he told the rest of the boys to stop crowding me.  I relaxed a bit when they moved away.

" errm could you tell us who you are??" the boy who was sitting next to me asked. I paused for a moment. could i trust them. The boy next to me read my mind. " don't worry. You can trust us, we won't hurt you". I was still unsure but i answered him. " i-im Alice" i said shyly. " ok Alice. Im Liam. Could you tell us why we found you on the floor." Liam said. I couldn't tell them. They would think i was loser and a slut. But who els could help me? "    c-can i j-just tell you?" i asked. Liam nodded. He turned to face the boys. He said something but i didn't hear. All the other boys nodded and got out of the car. Liam then looked back at me. " could you tell me?" he asked smiling. I nodded.

I told him everything. From my father and how he died to where i stayed and what i have been through. Liam just sat there and listened to what i had to say.

I'm so angry. Who would do such a thing to such an innocent person. When she mentioned she was pregnant. I was surprised. She doesn't look it. Shes so skinny. I'm worried because she said that she cut her stomach and that its painful when she moves.

" not to sound pervy but could i take a look at you to see if your ok?". She shook her head. " please i promise i wont hurt you." i begged. She sat there for a minuet thinking but finally she lifted her shirt up so i could look at her stomach.

It was covered in blood and there was a deep cut going across her belly. There were also bruises everywhere. " is it ok if i take you up the hospital so they can look you over because i'm not really a doctor??" she nodded.

I called the boys back into the car and told Harry to drive to the nearest hospital. "don't worry your safe with me" i whispered in her ear before she closed her eyes.

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