Save You

Pain...... Excruciating pain. The bottom half of my body is numb. I can't feel a thing. I just lay here on my blood stained bed shivering from the open but barred window. Im trapped. Like a prisoner trapped. No freedom. My head is pounding. My ribs ache. I try and close my eyes so the darkness swallows me again. I succeed. I feel less pain. Im happier. It seems like the old times when everything was normal. Nothing had changed and gone away from me forever. I feel safe. Warm. Loved. The darkness only lasted for a bit longer until i'm brought back to reality. Pain takes control of my body again.



"your safe with me" thats all I remember before closing my eyes for a while ,but i can't remember blacking out again.

When i woke up i was in a white room. I was plugged up to this beeping thing. I was dressed in this white robe. I wasn't covered in blood anymore. I felt clean. I wasn't in that much pain. I tried to move my arms but i was strapped to all the machines and a drip so it was hard. I sat there trying to remember what happened last night.

I remember falling on the ground, waking up in some strangers car, i met a person called Liam and i remember him telling me that he was taking me to the hospital.

Right i'm in the hospital. But i still don't know why i'm hooked up to all these machines. I thought i was fine. A few cuts and bruises thats all. Nothing major.

I was in the room on my own. I wasn't really surprised. I don't really think people would want to stay and keep me company. But it did make me feel alone. Like no one wanted to stay. It would of been nice if they stayed until i woke up and then left. But i guess they were in a hurry.

I stayed in the room for a while on my own until the nurses came in and checked on me. They told me that i was doing fine and so was the baby. But they said that they would keep an eye on me. They told me that the cut on my stomach wasn't that bad but i had 10 stitches. They also told me that i had 4 broken ribs and that i had lost allot of blood. So i was put on a drip to ease the pain and another to give me some blood.

I fell asleep later in the day because the pain killers made me drowsy. I woke up  because there was some shuffling and whispers. I opened my eyes to see all  5 of the strangers , including Liam, sitting by my bed. They all looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back. " how are you feeling?" Liam asked.    " umm ok i guess. A bit sore." i said.  " good" Liam said. We all sat there in silence for a bit because we didn't know what to say. " sorry to sound rude but who are you?" i asked. "you don't know who we are?" said the one with curly hair. "nope not a clue". " ok well I'm Harry." ok so curly hair = Harry. "i'm Louis" right Louis. " I'm Niall" ok wired accent is Niall. " I'm Zayn" black hair is Zayn. " and you know me as Liam" Liam said laughing. I laughed as well. " ok so its Harry, Louis, Niall , Zayn and Liam" i said trying to remember their names. " Wahey you got them right!!" Louis said. I just smiled.

For the rest of the day i talked to the boys. I learnt that they met on X Factor and became a world famous boy band. I learnt that Louis is the oldest and Harry is the youngest. Harry lives near where i used to live with my parents. And that the boys are staying over his house for the whole winter and a bit of spring before they have to go back and tour around england and europe. We had a laugh. I really enjoyed their company.

After a while they had to leave and go back to Harrys house. But they promised to see me everyday until i came out of hospital. I don't know why but i felt safe around them. Like they really cared, which they obviously didn't, but i would like to think they cared just a little bit. They seemed really nice and friendly. Even tho they are famous they aren't up their own asses. Which is always a good sign.

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