Save You

Pain...... Excruciating pain. The bottom half of my body is numb. I can't feel a thing. I just lay here on my blood stained bed shivering from the open but barred window. Im trapped. Like a prisoner trapped. No freedom. My head is pounding. My ribs ache. I try and close my eyes so the darkness swallows me again. I succeed. I feel less pain. Im happier. It seems like the old times when everything was normal. Nothing had changed and gone away from me forever. I feel safe. Warm. Loved. The darkness only lasted for a bit longer until i'm brought back to reality. Pain takes control of my body again.




When I walked into the room the boys stopped what they were doing and stared at me. I felt really uncomfortable. I know I shouldn't be worried. I mean they are really understanding, but I was still afraid to tell them.

"Hey guys" i smiled at them. I got a round of Hey's or a Hi. "umm Liam can i talk to you" Niall asked. I didn't notice he was sitting next to me. I looked over to him and saw how worried he looked. I nodded and got up and walked over to the door. We both got outside and shut the door behind us. Before I could say anything Niall beat me. " What's the matter with her? Is she ok? What happened? Why was she at the Hospital? Wh-" " Woa Niall calm down. I am gonna explain everything but let me actually speak!" I told him. " sorry I'm just worried. Its not nice to get a call from your mate telling you your friends in Hospital." he said. " I know and I'm sorry you had to go through that" I looked at him apologetically. He nodded. " so- um what happened?" He asked. " She- she-um had a- miscarriage" I told him slowly. His face turned into complete shock. " W-what? S-she lost the baby?" It pained me to think it was true so i nodded. " B-but how. I though she was fine?" he asked . " I don't know Niall. But i do know that this has crushed her. You can tell when you look at her face". I sighed. Niall sighed and pulled his hands through his hair in frustration. " Well what's gonna happen?" he asked. " What do you mean?" I asked confused. " I mean what's gonna happen now? Is she gonna stay with us? Is she gonna try again?" He asked hopefully. " Well I defiantly know she is staying with us. But I don't think she will try again. I mean she didn't even want a baby before she was raped." I told him. " Yeah i guess, I was just looking forward to having little feet run around the house." He said sadly. " Yeah I know mate, me too" I said patting him on the back. "come on" I said. "What?" " I need to tell the other boys" " about what?" "about Alice, we cant keep on hiding it they are gonna get suspicious and start asking questions." i told him. He looked down at his shoes and fiddled with his fingers. " uh- um what if i accidently told them" Niall said looking guilty. " well I would be ok cause I was really dreading telling them." " oh- well- um your welcome, i think." he said smiling. It felt like a great weight was lifted off my shoulders, I really didn't wanna tell the boys about Alice, I was worried that she would get upset about me telling them. But now she can get pissed off with Niall. Haha I'm joking, I'm not that mean.

We both walked back into the living-room. The boys looked over at us quickly and then went back to what they were doing. They were acting really suspicious and kept on looking over towards me. We were all sitting there in awkward silence. It was bugging me that no one was talking and that they were just staring at me. I sighed. " What is it guys?" I asked agitated. " oh nothing. So how's Alice" Louis asked. " quit it guys, I know you know." I told them. " what are you talking about?" Harry asked. " don't play stupid, I know you know about Alice." i said.         " ohhhhh that, yeah i know about that." Harry told me smirking. "ok then so why are you staring?" " oh, nothin"  Louis said. I made a confused face. " ok.... I'm going to see how Alice is." I walked upstairs and walked over to my room where Alice is. Before I walked in i noticed the spear bedroom door was open and loads of bags were in there. I've never really been in that room, only to put spear things like my suitcases or if someone was over my house I would chuck things in there so they wouldn't notice them. I was confused so I walked over to the room and opened the door. I was surprised to what I found. "what the hell?" i said to myself. I walked over to one of the bags and opened it. Yep what I thought. Niall couldn't keep his mouth shut and when he told the boys they went Baby shopping. Yep this room has now got a crib, blankets, bottles, a changing thing, and pretty much anything  what you need to have a baby. I sighed. What has he done!

I walked down the stairs and walked into where the boys were. " umm guys why is there a load of baby stuff in the spear room?" "umm because we will be needing it, wont we." Harry told me.  "uh- yeah about that" i told them rubbing the back of my head. "what do you mean?" Louis asked. " yeah I'm confused." Harry said. "well umm sh-" Niall interrupted me. " Liam why don't you see how Alice is." He told me. "wha-" he gave me a glair to say 'go or i will slap you'.           " fine." I got up confused and walked over to Alice's room. I opened the door slightly to see she was fast asleep and curled up into a ball. She so cute. I sat down next to her on the bed and stroked her hair. I could still see the tear stains on her cheeks. I felt so bad for her. She doesn't deserve this. I want to make her happy. Even tho we've only been dating for a couple of hours but after spending a whole week with her i feel like .... i dunno different i guess. She's so sweet, caring and just amazing. I love everything about her, her smile, laugh, her personality. My heart flutters whenever i see her or whenever she speaks. I cant pick my favourite part about her, she is just perfect. I drifted off to sleep with Alice now in my arms .


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