Save You

Pain...... Excruciating pain. The bottom half of my body is numb. I can't feel a thing. I just lay here on my blood stained bed shivering from the open but barred window. Im trapped. Like a prisoner trapped. No freedom. My head is pounding. My ribs ache. I try and close my eyes so the darkness swallows me again. I succeed. I feel less pain. Im happier. It seems like the old times when everything was normal. Nothing had changed and gone away from me forever. I feel safe. Warm. Loved. The darkness only lasted for a bit longer until i'm brought back to reality. Pain takes control of my body again.




Its been about a week and a bit since Alice has moved in with us. She seems fine with all the boys and they seem ok with her. She defiantly seems happier, her face lights up whenever she see's us. Her cuts and bruises have nearly all gone, except the one on her stomach. I really am enjoying her being here with us, but mostly when its just me and her. I'm beginning to really like having her company, she just so kind and funny, she really has no care in the world and doesn't take anything seriously.


For the past couple of days I've been sharing the same room as her because she has been having nightmares, or that she just wants me to stay with her. At the moment I'm laying on the sofa looking up at the ceiling. All the other boys are out shopping with Niall to get Alice some new clothes because she has been wearing mine, she doesn't even let us out of her sight because she knows that we are going to buy her stuff. She's sleeping at the moment so they took it as an advantage to go get her stuff.

I found myself with my eyes closed so i kept them shut. I listened to the noises in the house, the fridge was making this weird ticking noise, i heard the TV in the background on MTV, I think it was playing Roar by Katy Perry. I find that song ok I guess. I love the music video, its cool, i find it funny how her plane has just crashed and she still looks fit. Like if my plane crashed i wouldn't come out looking amazing without one scratch on me. I chuckled. I lay there for a while until i heard a ear piercing scream.

I shot up off of the sofa. "ALICE!!" I screamed. I heard another scream. " Alice!!! Are you ok??Where are you!" I said running up the stairs. " h-here" I heard a soft whimper.



I woke up to excruciating pain going through my body. I screamed out in pain. This is the worst I've ever felt, "ALICE" i think i heard Liam yell. Another wave of pain crashed into me. I screamed out again. " Alice!! Are you ok? Where are you!" Liam seemed to sound  like he was running around. "h-here". Oh My God this is so fecking painful. I was writhing in pain rolling around my bed clutching my stomach. " Alice. Oh My God are you ok?!" I heard Liam run next to me. He pulled me towards him. I screamed in pain again. He notice that i was clutching my stomach. " Ok right I'm taking you to the Hospital." He said picking me up.

He ran out to the car and placed me into the passenger seat. He ran around to the other side of the car and jumped in. He raced down the road towards the hospital. I saw him take his phone out and call someone.

" Niall!!!". " I've had to take Alice to the Hospital. She's having really bad stomach cramps". I heard Niall yelling on the other side of the line. " Yeah don't worry she will be fine just meet us at the hospital." and with that he hung up. He used his free hand to grip onto my hand whilst the other one he was driving with.

When we got to the hospital I tried getting out the car but Liam had already beat me and picked me up. He ran into the A&E and run up to the desk. " excuse me, my girlfriend is 3 month pregnant and she's having severe abdominal pains." Liam told the woman behin- Wait Girlfriend!!! I looked up at him confused. he looked down at me and gave me the 'go along with it look'. i nodded and buried my face into his neck. " ok sir if you just take her to the maternity ward which is down this hallway and to your left. the doctors will be waiting for you" the woman said pointing down this corridor. " ok thank-you" Liam said whilst running down the hallway.

When we reached the ward, the doctors told Liam to put me in a bed to the side of the room and wait for someone to come and help.

A couple of minuets later a doctor came and closed the curtains around my bed.

"Hello miss...umm Heath is it?" I nodded. " ok so what's happened?" "w-well i woke up and i had the horrible pain in my Abdomen" i said. The doctor nodded and wrote something down on his piece of paper. " ok well to be sure i will need you to have a blood test and then after we will send you to have a ultra-sound" i nodded. The doctor left and then came back with a needle and a tube. i think that's where he will put my blood in. " ok this is going to feel like a little pin prick" i took a deep breath and nodded my head showing that is was ready. I felt the needle go into my arm, and trust me it did not feel like a flippin pin prick. it was more like 20 pin pricks. " ok all done! just wait here for a while and we will give you the results". The doctor got up and walked away.

" how you feeling?" Liam asked stroking my hair. " ok- i guess" i shrugged my shoulders. We sat there in silence for a few minuets until a thought came up. " umm Liam?" i asked. "hmmm" i said looking up at me. " why did you tell the lady i was your girlfriend?" as soon as i said that he turned bright red and stared down at the floor. " ummm- I- I just did. I didn't really think of it"  That was the biggest lie ever! " Liam don't lie" i laughed. " W-what I'm not lying" he scoffed. "Yes you are! just spit it out" i laughed at him. He sighed. " fine.......... uh i like you." he looked straight at me with a straight face. I looked into his eyes. He looked so serious. But he cant be who would like someone like me? Before I could answer, i felt warm and soft lips attach to mine. As soon i as our lips touched Sparks flew. I Kissed him back immediately. I snaked my arms around his neck. We pulled away breathless. I blushed and looked down to my lap. I felt someone's thumb go under my chin forcing me to look up. I saw Liam's eyes, they were sparkling and he had a huge grin on his face. I giggled. "well know you know my answer, I have a question for you." I nodded. " Be mine? Be my girlfriend?" I was shocked but nodded my head. I don't think I've seen someone smile so much. He gently placed his lips onto mine again.

The doctor cleared his throat. We both pulled away quickly, pretending nothing had happened. " s-sorry" i said turning red. "ok. well i have some news for you." the doctor had gone from angry to apologetic. I'm starting to get worried. He took a deep breath. " I'm afraid you've lost your baby"  

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