Dear Reader,

Dear Reader,
If you find this, then I'll be really grateful if you read it. If you find it, you should know that you were chosen. You should know that you were sent from heaven to me, because for me, reading this would be the most helpful thing anyone can do.
I didn't know my life would change like this, reader. I didn't know things could get this bad, but it's okay. I'm still grateful, at least I have something to write with and someone to write for. Writing can really be helpful. If you're mad about something, reader, I think you should write about it, it helps.
I hope I don't make you cry, reader, because if you're reading this right now, you're special to me, and I don't like to make people cry. Especially if I care about them.
I'm sorry for what you're about to read. I'm sorry to write it.
Here's my story.
(Author's Note: The story's rated yellow because it has too much aggression in it.)


23. Chapter Twenty Three

28th - July - 2013 


Dear Reader, 

I'm writing to you from my new typewriter, the one my parents bought me.

They say it took me two weeks to wake up. Apparently, the hit was so strong and my skull was really hurt, they said it's even a miracle I lived, but well first, it didn't just take two weeks; it took me two weeks and two days to wake up, but because we don't give time much of care unless we feel like we're dying, we don't think it's an important thing. So they told me the "coma" or whatever it was lasted for two weeks but I prefer saying it lasted for two weeks and two days. 

The day I woke up, I found two ladies in my room; my mother and Faith. The two ladies I love the most in this world. They both started crying as they found me awake, I couldn't talk much, but I wanted to show I was thrilled to see them. Mom, oh how I missed my mom. Then they called the others. My father came with my two sisters, then came Eric and Megan then all my relatives and cousins started visiting me. I really was tired, and I hated that I couldn't really talk much to them - if not at all, but I just couldn't get myself to do it. 

I was very happy to see them again. I couldn't believe I was live. I couldn't believe I was out of that horrible, terrible, sick place. 

Eric and Faith told me that once I blacked out, the police came, joined by an ambulance, they took me immediately to the hospital. They also showed me on the newspaper how the place was searched and how they found the dead bodies and buried them all after trying to match them with their identities. It's true, they couldn't tell what most people's identities were, but they did all they could. They captured all the Peace Takers, all of those who survived. One to four of the Free Rebels were too weak and were killed in the latest fight was what they also told me. The newspaper showed a picture of all the Peace Takers in jail. I found Kevin among them, but Ed was not a Peace Taker anymore, he was considered as a Free Rebel, so he wasn't taken as a prisoner, even that he went to court and they almost put him in jail. He even visited me in the hospital.

Faith told me that my she and my mother found some toilet paper in my pants (Whatever was left of them) I kept them with me, I wanted to continue writing my story until the end, and if I died that day, then that would have been the ending of my story, so the reader would have reached the ending when they find it with my body and know how it ended. She said that neither of them read them, but they kept them because they could feel they were important to me.  

My room was filled with chocolate and flowers. I was happy to get out of the hospital though, because it's never felt this good to be home. Yes, sleeping was kind of hard the first week, but then things started to get easier. 

My parents told me that neither they, nor Eric's parents gave up after the two of us disappeared. They always kept looking everywhere. They said that the place where they found us was in the middle of nowhere and that's why they never found us there.

I even met Faith's parents eventually. They're good people, but they've suffered a lot. Faith was taken before I did so she went missing before I did and it was horrible for her parents, surely. She isn't allowed to get out of the house much, she doesn't even want to go out much herself, only when she really feels like it; and I don't blame them, life has really changed a hell lot after going into that place. She visits me mostly, and they don't stop her from doing that, but sometimes they come with her or give her a ride to my house and back to her house.  

Life started feeling more simple, things started feeling more important; for instance, food, time, people, everything. Everything we've been missing. You just don't know how important what you have is until you miss it. We really have suffered a lot. Above all, what we lost is a good health.

A week of good sleep without a Peace Taker waking you up for the day's torture is too good that I can't even describe to you. I have to admit it to you, reader. I have lots of nightmares, I still do, but they go by time. 

Not sleeping in the same room as Faith was really hard, though. We really got used to each other and to being with each other; waking up by each other's side and sleeping in the same ... cell - room. Waking up and seeing her by my side, knowing that although it might not be a great thing for her to be alive, she's alive, and sometimes in the cell we would be selfish enough to want the other person to stay alive just because we love them and we want them to stay by our side. 

We don't talk much about what happened, not even Eric or Ed and I. The four of us basically became the closest of friends; we know the four of us can understand each other in a way no one ever can, after all we've been into that place together. 

Couples go through lots of stuff, but none have went through what Faith and I went through. And I don't wish that for anyone. 

Faith calls me her hero, even that it wasn't only my plan to do this, it was hers too and Ed helped us a lot. Without the two of them we wouldn't be here.

"But you're the one who lead the whole thing by your own, it wasn't even in the plan and you did it anyway. It was so brave of you. And besides, you couldn't leave anyone behind, you insisted on going back inside and indeed you found a girl and a guy - you helped them. You're everyone's hero, not only mine." Actually, she's right about something; that the other people did consider me as their hero. I was even mentioned in the news, the three of us were, but I was mentioned as the guy who went back in to help the others.

The guy and the girl -who I learned are called Jessica and Fred- also came to visit me with their families and their parents brought us lots of flowers and gifts as gratitude and said that it was all nothing in comparison to what I did for them and that they'll forever owe me. I told them they don't owe me anything, and that if it were for them, they would have done the same thing.   

I hope I made my parents and my grandmother proud, reader. 

Faith even says I look very handsome here. If she only knew how beautiful she is herself.

If only my grandmother knew that the diaries I've been keeping because of her have saved my life, and that they saved and told the things I can't say out loud. How it talked about those dark days, and about the shimmer of hope I found with Faith and how my journey finally ended up with the shining of the sun that I missed for so long; telling us of the arrival of a new dawn and a new day. 

I might not read them, like ever, but I'll always have them and someone might read them one day, they might stop halfway through my story and they might decide to continue reading, I hope they do so, because my story ended with success, and I thank God for giving me this opportunity to live with every breath I take. I wish they would learn from what I've been through, because I learned hell a lot of things. 

If there's everything I learned from this reader, it's that the most important thing in life is not giving up, no matter what. What I also learned is to be strong, learn a thing or two about self defense, you never know when it'll help you; that's the thing about attacks, they're never expected. I also learn to keep my friends close, and to tell my parents about where I'm going, just in case anything happened. I learned to spend my time wisely, to treat people kindly, to help the others and not to allow the others to turn me into a monster. Deal with people the way you do, with your manners, not theirs; otherwise you'll become just like them. I learned that in unity; people get stronger, and that anyone at all can be a leader, they just have to be brave and confident enough to do it. I learned to think of the others and not to be selfish. I learned not to judge the others by their appearances. God, reader, I did learn a lot by this. Yes, it was the worst period of my life, but I will always be grateful for the things I learned from it. I will also be grateful for meeting the people I met there. 

Maybe it's like they say, everything happens for a good reason, even if we can't see it.

I will always be grateful for you, reader, for giving me your time and your energy (for I know how precious and important these two things are) and for reading my - letters for you. 

They've helped me a lot. And so did you. 

So thanks again. 

Stay safe, reader. I love you.

With appreciation and sincere, 

Owen Brown. 



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