Dear Reader,

Dear Reader,
If you find this, then I'll be really grateful if you read it. If you find it, you should know that you were chosen. You should know that you were sent from heaven to me, because for me, reading this would be the most helpful thing anyone can do.
I didn't know my life would change like this, reader. I didn't know things could get this bad, but it's okay. I'm still grateful, at least I have something to write with and someone to write for. Writing can really be helpful. If you're mad about something, reader, I think you should write about it, it helps.
I hope I don't make you cry, reader, because if you're reading this right now, you're special to me, and I don't like to make people cry. Especially if I care about them.
I'm sorry for what you're about to read. I'm sorry to write it.
Here's my story.
(Author's Note: The story's rated yellow because it has too much aggression in it.)


16. Chapter Sixteen

5th - July - 2013


Dear Reader, 

"G'morning." I whispered as I opened my eyes the next day. 

I found her beautiful face facing me, her back rested on the wall. 

"Hey there." She said smiling. I couldn't believe it. She was actually smiling, like a real, happy girl smile. Not one of her forced smiles. "How're you feeling?" She asked. 

"Way better." I said honestly. "I guess I might get immune to whatever they do as long as-" I stopped myself. 

"As long as what?" She asked. 

"As long as you're with me." And she blushed. Faith actually blushed.

I sat properly and kissed her cheek. I couldn't help it, reader. I really couldn't. 

I wanted to kiss her now, properly. "Owen." She whispered, shaking her head.  

"You're right, we should be careful." I said looking at the cell's door. Hoping that's why she stopped me. We sat there for a while, then she stood, saying she should move her legs. Right after she stood up, she was greeted by two Peace Takers. 

"Going for a walk, sweetheart?" One of them said. It was that guy again. "Let's see, I'm bored, and so is Jo here," He says pointing at the other Peace Taker. "And well, you were our first thought of fun."

"Why don't you buy yourself a toy, I know you'll like toys, they'll entertain you more. Or do you enjoy getting kicked that much?" Faith said. "You made me believe he's dead and I woke up and found him alive today."

"Yes, well.. You don't always get what you want. Anyway, about the fun part. Look, we all know we're going to do this anyway, so will you at least do it once by your will?" He asked. 

"You wish." She spat. 

"That's why I like you."

As always, Faith fought her way away from them, and after what happened yesterday, I knew I would be killing us both if I tried to help her. They dragged her away, like they always do.


She was back within hours. 

And when they left, she cried. 

I went to her, wanting to wrap my arms around her, but she just pushed me away, didn't she say that she likes me? 

I just sat there, trying to bare her sadness, but it was unbearable. 

Each time I came closer, she pushed me away. 

She wanted me far, and that's where I remained. 

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