Dear Reader,

Dear Reader,
If you find this, then I'll be really grateful if you read it. If you find it, you should know that you were chosen. You should know that you were sent from heaven to me, because for me, reading this would be the most helpful thing anyone can do.
I didn't know my life would change like this, reader. I didn't know things could get this bad, but it's okay. I'm still grateful, at least I have something to write with and someone to write for. Writing can really be helpful. If you're mad about something, reader, I think you should write about it, it helps.
I hope I don't make you cry, reader, because if you're reading this right now, you're special to me, and I don't like to make people cry. Especially if I care about them.
I'm sorry for what you're about to read. I'm sorry to write it.
Here's my story.
(Author's Note: The story's rated yellow because it has too much aggression in it.)


14. Chapter Fourteen

3rd - July - 2013


Dear Reader, 

This time I could still hear things. I heard everything around me, but I wasn't able to open my eyes, to look, to talk, to move. I wasn't able to do any of those. But I felt them knocking me off in the cell.

I heard Faith shrieking as she saw me. 

I heard the Peace Takers asking her why and if she cared. 

I heard her saying that she doesn't, she's just surprised they did what she wished for. She thought I was dead. 

"I wanted him dead anyway." I heard Faith saying.

I wish I was. It would've been easier than hearing these words.

The Peace Takers were laughing again. I'm so sick of their laughter. I'm so tired.

"WHY DID YOU LEAVE HIS BODY HERE?!"  I heard her shouting. The voices I heard felt like a dream. 

I heard them leaving. 


I heard Faith, crying harder than she never did. I felt her heaviness on my chest. She was like this for a while. Then I felt like I could finally open my eyes - and I tried. And I succeeded. I exhaled. 

Faith was crying, her head planted on my chest. As I exhaled though, she raised her head and looked at me so fast. 

"Oh my God." He whispered. "You're alive." I think she said that a thousand times. She kept repeating it, as if she couldn't believe her eyes. I coughed, but it caused my whole body to ache so I forced myself to stop. "Shh." She said stopping me. She did something strange then, she tried to carry me, but despite my extremely thin now body, she couldn't. I guess she's as weak as I am, physically. When she could't carry me, she decided to lift my head and she put it on her lap. I was so effortless that I just let her do whatever she wanted without even helping her.

I couldn't tell what I was wearing by then, probably just a piece of cloth as a cover for my bottom. I was so tired that I couldn't even talk for a while.

All I saw was her worried face, now replaced with an almost happy one to see me alive. Her eyes matched her hair color, I noticed. Small scars filled her face, it was dirty too. It was the first time for me to realize how beautiful Faith really is. Her hair was everywhere. She kept pushing it back so that it won't touch my face, and all she did was stare at me. Then she talked again, 

"Owen." She said softly. "Please forgive me for what I did. I honestly didn't mean any of the horrible things I said, please believe me. All I wanted to do is keep you alive and keep us both together. They would have separated us first and killed you next, trust me. I know them well enough to know that." She paused. "Owen.." She should stop saying my name, reader, because each time she says it, something warm and crazy fills my body. "They can see how much I like you. I never meant a word." She said in almost a whisper, as if just by hearing her words I might die, and maybe I would have. "I would rather die and rot than have you dead." She brushed my hair with her fingers, then held my face with her hand and smiled. An innocent smile, like a baby's. Slowly, I moved my hand and covered hers with mine, then kissed it. 

I keep forgetting how smart Faith is, reader. 

Of course, she would never let them kill me, that's why she said what she said, why she did what she did. I've never realized how good she is and how much she likes me. 

My feelings for her are so strange, reader. I can't put them into words. I guess the best way to say it is that.. 

I think I might be getting in love with her, reader. 

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