Dear Reader,

Dear Reader,
If you find this, then I'll be really grateful if you read it. If you find it, you should know that you were chosen. You should know that you were sent from heaven to me, because for me, reading this would be the most helpful thing anyone can do.
I didn't know my life would change like this, reader. I didn't know things could get this bad, but it's okay. I'm still grateful, at least I have something to write with and someone to write for. Writing can really be helpful. If you're mad about something, reader, I think you should write about it, it helps.
I hope I don't make you cry, reader, because if you're reading this right now, you're special to me, and I don't like to make people cry. Especially if I care about them.
I'm sorry for what you're about to read. I'm sorry to write it.
Here's my story.
(Author's Note: The story's rated yellow because it has too much aggression in it.)


18. Chapter Eighteen

9th - July - 2013


Dear Reader, 

"Faith, are you absolutely sure about this?" I asked, holding a pocket knife in my hand. Faith once stole it from one of the Peace takers, said it will help us with the plan. Of course our plan will require a hell lot more of weapons stealing. She nodded. I took a deep breath and nodded too. I don't want to be the person doing this, it almost makes me feel like I'm one of them. Of course it's the complete opposite, but still. I don't want to use a knife on Faith. 

I lift her shirt slightly so that only her stomach will show, she held it like that and I stared at the mark the last dagger left. The circle filled with a P and a T. Peace Takers. Faith doesn't want to belong to them anymore. Faith took the shirt she was holding and put it in her mouth. She waited for me to do it.

I touched her stomach with my finger first, then pushed the knife slightly in her flesh, I made sure it doesn't get too deep. Faith made a noise, but it wasn't loud. I drew a line on the T doing my best to make it look like an F, then I added the other letters. After that I added a line to the P making it look like an R and wrote the rest of the word. Faith was brave during the whole thing, and only her teary eyes showed the pain. She looked at her own stomach as I finished and then so did I. 

It was soaking with blood, but the two words were clear to be seen. 





That's what we're calling ourselves. Free Rebels. I gave her the knife next, she questioned me with her eyes. 

"I want it too." I said. She was too gentle as she did it. "I wish all the Peace Takers were as gentle as you are." she laughed at that. 




10th - July - 2013


Dear Reader, 

It started then. 

The Peace Takers took Faith and I waited for her and waited and when she finally came back, she told me about what happened with her. 

She did as planned. 

"Did it work?" I asked. 

"I think so, I mean, it's the first step, but it went as planned, I think."

Faith was supposed to act like she was actually interested in that guy, Kevin. I told her that any of the Peace Takers will do it, but she said that it'd better be him, he's the most obsessed with her. This is the first step with Kevin. She asked the other Peace Takers to leave her alone with him. Kevin was so delighted by that, and by knowing that she was doing whatever he wanted willingly. She said she had some rules, though. One, the other Peace Takers will be outside, and two, Kevin will turn around while she gets dressed and the two other Peace Takers will take her to her cell. 

She told him that if he did those rules she'll always come willingly. They won't have to force her anymore. 

When Kevin was done with her, and it really hurts me to say this, reader, but I have to say it plainly, because this time it's different. This time was a sacrifice for Faith's own good and everyone else's in here. 

So while he was around, she wore his clothes and then wore hers on top of them. When she was done, she opened the door and ran to our cell. The Peace Takers thought she was doing this to run away and were confused to find her heading to the cell. 

"I guess she shouldn't be called a rebel anymore." One of them said. They were looking at her with smirks, happy to find her doing what they want. As if she's learning. I hate them so much I want them all dead. Or worse, death is merciful, at lest I learned that here. 

Right after they left, Faith was in a rush. 

"Quick, turn away." She said. I did so, for she took her clothes off, took the Peace Takers' off and then put her own clothes on. I couldn't wear them underneath my clothes, because I wasn't really wearing much, only ragged shorts. We folded the shirt so any times that it would fit in a big hole in the wall. The pants were tricky. It was now Faith's turn to turn around. I took off my short and then wore the Kevin's pants. I started rolling it upwards so that it would be as short as my own shorts. We did this all very fast because we expected Kevin to come to our cell. 

Indeed our expectations were true. 

Not after a while, we found him there, shouting and cursing. He was dressed with some other clothes. 


"What are you talking about?" Faith asked innocently. "I don't know, can you see them with me?" He opened the cells door and started looking around the place. It's a good thing their clothes are white, for the shirt was easily hidden in the wall's hole. We held our breaths as he passed the hole, but he didn't find it. 

"Looks like you really are becoming a good girl. I thought you were behind this, Rebel." He said to Faith. 

"People change." She simply said. He smirked and then walked away. 

"Guess I'll have to find out who's behind this now."

We both exhaled, once we made sure he's not there. 

She didn't really give me details about what happened with her, and I'm glad she didn't. 

Next plan, get some other clothes. 

Next rebel, me. 






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