Dear Reader,

Dear Reader,
If you find this, then I'll be really grateful if you read it. If you find it, you should know that you were chosen. You should know that you were sent from heaven to me, because for me, reading this would be the most helpful thing anyone can do.
I didn't know my life would change like this, reader. I didn't know things could get this bad, but it's okay. I'm still grateful, at least I have something to write with and someone to write for. Writing can really be helpful. If you're mad about something, reader, I think you should write about it, it helps.
I hope I don't make you cry, reader, because if you're reading this right now, you're special to me, and I don't like to make people cry. Especially if I care about them.
I'm sorry for what you're about to read. I'm sorry to write it.
Here's my story.
(Author's Note: The story's rated yellow because it has too much aggression in it.)


25. About Dear Reader,



If you read my other works, you probably know that by the end of each book I like to answer the questions that The Author Interviews by Tande, The Mighty Boosh and Fallout asked me about my other book The Emotions Maker and give my answers to them as if they were for this book. (Did you get it?) xD
This way you can learn more about the book. Anyway, here're the questions and answers:


1. What made you decide to write Dear Reader,? What was your main inspiration behind the story?


Dear Reader, was going to be a total different story, believe it or not. I can't tell you what it was going to be about because right in the middle of writing it, and knowing how it was going to end (which was a sad ending, honestly) I decided to change it. I decided that after all they've been through, Owen and Faith and the others deserved to live, even if it wasn't a realistic ending, I wanted the story to give hope for the readers and to show them that everything's possible. So right after I changed the ending, I thought to myself, I can't waste this idea I changed from this book! I have to use it! It took me a while to decide to actually change the ending because I really liked it. So I came up with a solution, I changed this story's ending and decided to write a whole other book about the idea I had in mind (I still haven't written much of it, only two chapters that are only drafts now) but yeah. 

After changing the ending, my inspiration changed completely, my inspiration was real life and the real people who're getting tortured all around the world. The least they deserve is a book about them after all.


2. Out of all of the characters in the story so far, which one do you relate to the most? Why?


Ooh.. I don't know! I mean, none I think. I wish I could relate to them though, not because I want to go through what they've been through obviously, but because they were really strong. 

I wish I could be as strong, faithful and brave like Faith. 

I also wish I were as brave as Owen. 

3. Is there a certain scene in the book that you particularly enjoyed writing?


I really enjoyed writing the poem so much. It was kinda short, but I really loved writing it, because seriously, sometimes we feel so happy that we can die. 
"And what a great death it would be, 

to die here, and right now, 

when you are sitting here with me, 

How can this be any better, how?" 

This poem was inspired by The Smith's song There Is a Light That Never Goes Out. 


4. If you could change / improve one part of the book, which part would it be? Why?


I did make changes (You know that by now) to the book because it was edited first and published later, I added some stuff that weren't in there and I rewrote the ending (AGAIN) xD 
But if I had to change/improve it more I would probably add more family/old-friends scenes in it and add some more details to it.


5. How did you decide on the names of the characters?


For some reason, I always felt like Owen's name should start with an O. It was Oscar at first but then I discovered that I had another character called Oscar in another book that I haven't published yet xD and it kinda suited that guy more than it suited Owen. I don't know, this name kinda suited him better. 

Kevin and Eric were the first names that came to my mind, nothing was special about their names. 

Faith's name was the one I actually "picked carefully". Her name simply spoke about her, she was just full of faith and maybe she didn't show it all the time but she had it in her, faith. It's a strong name too, she's simply Faith, that girl.


6. Imagine you are placed in one of the scenes in the book. Which one would it be? How would you react?


Oh my God, do I have to do this? Well, I'm glad I wasn't in this book because of obvious reasons, but if I had to choose one scene to live in I would probably choose the last fight (because after that, they were greeted by freedom after a long time of torture and how amazing would that feel!) .. or maybe after Owen woke up and it was all over, because, what a relief! 



That's it. Thanks again and take care. <3 
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