Our Season

My name? Lily Alexandra White. My life? my last name say's it all. my life is white. Its dull and boring. my life is not important to me or anyone else, so whats the point?
snow is the only thing i enjoy, its beutiful. Thats the only reason i stay, i wait all year for winter and when it comes all my worries are washed away. Thats my life.

*A Niall Horan fan-fiction*


5. you need to understand

Lily's pov

HE KISSED ME! I didn't know what to do! I just freaked out, I've never trusted any one but him. I know it's sounds silly you probably thinking ' you've only known him for two days what's wrong with you?!' But the thing is. I'm starting to fall for him, an I can't. Not until he knows my story, and he understands me.

I just ran and ran, I slipped a couple of times due to the iced paths. I didn't know where I was going, but then I remembered my car was at Starbucks " Damn!" I muttered to myself, I sighed and turned around heading back towards the cafe. We'll that was a pointless run, wiped the tears from my face and stuffed my hand in my pockets whilst snuggling my head into my snood. The temperature seemed to have dropped a lot from earlier!

As I made it back to the car park, I noticed Niall's car was still here, I sighed and carried on walking whilst staring at my feet. I was almost at my car when I heard a car door slam and someone running, "LILY!" I heard Niall yell, I just walked faster. I felt someone grab my wrist and I had to stop, I looked up to find Niall with red, puffy eyes staring right into me. Why was he crying? Was I because of me? " I-I'm so so sorry, please forgive me, I shouldn't have kissed you. I mean we only just met and it's was too soon. It's just I really like you, like, a lot and I want you to be mine. It's too soon I know, I just wanted to let you know that." He breathed. I just stood there in shock, my mouth quivering because of the coldness and my tears would just not stop flowing. " I forgive you Niall, I just think we should wait, you need to  understand what I've been through, and my past." He gave me a confused look but nodded as a smile crept onto his face, he hugged me " thank you" he said, I smiled and hugged back " your welcome".

Niall's pov

I'm so glad she forgave me, I shouldn't have been so stupid to do it in the first place! But what I didn't understand was that she wanted me to know her past before anything could happen between us. Is it to do with the fact that she wouldn't tell me about her family? Is it something's she's done?....I'll ask her later. Any way I pulled away from the hug and looked at her " do you want to come back to mine and we could have a movie marathon?" I really  wanted her to say yes " I'd love to, but I thought you were going to your friends?" She looked at me with a straight face, no emotion. " yeah I was but they can wait, I'd rather spend my day with you, I spend everyday with them" I laughed as I walked her to my car " oh it's ok, I have my car, I'll follow behind you" she smiled and it was perfect, I love everything about her, and the way the snow lands on her soft blonde hair, and her eyes sparkle- cheesy I know, but that's what I think about her!

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