Our Season

My name? Lily Alexandra White. My life? my last name say's it all. my life is white. Its dull and boring. my life is not important to me or anyone else, so whats the point?
snow is the only thing i enjoy, its beutiful. Thats the only reason i stay, i wait all year for winter and when it comes all my worries are washed away. Thats my life.

*A Niall Horan fan-fiction*


9. i've been watching

unknown pov

There she stood. Behind the counter with a big smile on her face, a smile soon to be gone. That smile made me sick, she should be dead. All i wanted was to have a bit of fun with her, then i would have given her back. 5 years! 5 years she made me rot in that cell, all those years i planned to get back at her. My escape was a success, and now i have to get her, make her suffer for the pain she put me threw. I will bring her pain and then death.

First i will get that lover boy of her's. Thats right, i've been watching her since the day i got out, i know where she lived, i have my ways. I know all about her "secret" boyfriend, but i tell you now, they wont be so happy soon. Tomorrow Tonight. yeah, tomorrow tonight i will get him.

I gave her a fake smile as i pulled out my wallet " ermm ill have a beligian chocolate twist please" , she smiled "coming right up" she turned around and went to get me food. I frowed and glared at her as her back was to be. soon. soon she will pay.


Niall's pov


I had been at the studio for ages and i finally got to leave. all i wanted to do was see Lily! i pulled out my phone and text her,

N- hey, i've finished at the studio just let me know when i can come over xx


she replied almost instantly,

L- i have work until 5 so be at mine for 6?? xx


Ugghhh thats so long to wait, i miss her like crazy and weve only been apart for a half a day! what is this girl doing to me? i replied telling her it was okay and sat on my sofa. what to do, what to do....OH i know! i ran and grabbed my coat and keys shutting the door behind me.

I ran to my car, and sped off. I want to suprise her. I remember she said she worked in a local bakery, and i know there is only one near here.

I parked my car and got out, i could see her through the window serving a customer. he was tall and muscular but his face looked tired and he had scars and bruses all over him. I didn't like the look off him. i watched as Lily went to get him order, he was looking at her with evil eyes. what's all that about?. i shook it off and walked into the bakery.

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