Our Season

My name? Lily Alexandra White. My life? my last name say's it all. my life is white. Its dull and boring. my life is not important to me or anyone else, so whats the point?
snow is the only thing i enjoy, its beutiful. Thats the only reason i stay, i wait all year for winter and when it comes all my worries are washed away. Thats my life.

*A Niall Horan fan-fiction*


2. Introduce myself

Present day
Lily's pov

Hey! I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name is lily Alexandra white. My last name says it all; my life is white, boring, and dull. It’s like a blank page, there nothing important to write about so what’s the point in using it. That compares to how I think about my life, there is nothing important in or about my life so what’s the point in living it? Anyway, I have long dirty blonde hair that comes just above my elbows. I have bright crystal blue eyes and faded freckles on my cheeks and nose. I’m around 5’4 but I like being small. I look just like my mum, but she Is-I mean was so such prettier.

You see, when I was 14 my mum and dad died, but I don’t like to talk about it so let’s keep it as that. Any way I’m 20 now and I live on my own in a small apartment in Dublin. Yes I know what you’re thinking ‘oh my god you live in the same country that Niall Horan is from’ yeah well, sorry to disappoint but I don’t know him and probably never will.

I’m not a fan of one direction, but I like their music. I don’t know their name’s apart from Niall’s because he’s Irish, even though they are on every single cover of every single magazine, because I don’t read magazines, they don’t interest me.

Sorry I was losing focus, anyway where was i….oh yeah so my apartment is on the 5th floor and its got the best view of the area, especially at the moment because its winter and the place is covered in snow. Its beautiful.

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