Our Season

My name? Lily Alexandra White. My life? my last name say's it all. my life is white. Its dull and boring. my life is not important to me or anyone else, so whats the point?
snow is the only thing i enjoy, its beutiful. Thats the only reason i stay, i wait all year for winter and when it comes all my worries are washed away. Thats my life.

*A Niall Horan fan-fiction*


8. familiar?

Niall's pov

I woke up to the movement of something beside me, i looked to my right to find lily cuddled up to me with her head on my chest. She agreed to be my girlfriend yesturday, but if she got caught by paparatzzi then we couldnt be together, and i wasnt going to let that happen.luckily paparatzzi hadnt followed us other times but now it was differant.

I watched her as she slept. she looked so beautiful, the was her lips were parted just enough to here her small breath and the way her hair falls infront of her face when she turns ove. she's mine, and that what i've wanted since day one.

i heard a soft groan come from lily as she started to figet, her eyebrows scrunched together and her breathing got heavier. she started to murmur things i couldnt quite work out, but all of a sudden she started to dry. The tears started to fall quikley and she started to shake then she started to scream " GET OFF ME" "YOU KILLED THEM" "ITS YOUR FAULT" "LEAVE ME ALONE"!! I tried to wake her up but she wouldnt stop " lily, lily, LILY!" i was shaking her by the shoulders, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at me in silence " n-niall I-I" she tried to smeak but i stopped her " shhhh its ok, im here" i hugged her and rubbed her back, she gripped my shirt  as if i was going to suddenly disapear. she was sniffing like drazy and my shirt was covered in her tears, i layed her down and wrapped her in my arms, her tiny frame fit into mine perfectly. She soon calmed down and and her breathing slowed down. I sighed and nuzzled me head itno the crook of her neck and kissed it. I must ask her tommorow if she does this every night, its not hard to know what its about. i just want her to be okay.

Lily's pov

I woke up with hot breath breathing down my neck, i turned around to find a sleeping Niall. I remember what happened last night, my dream and Niall comforting me. i know hes going to ask about it, i sighed and looked at him. he was pure perfection and im lucky to have him. i smiled at the thought, then i saw him open his eyes, both our eyes staring into each others. A smile spread across his face as did mine, "morning" he said in his sexy morning voice, i giggled " morning", he winked and kissed me on the top of the head "breakfast?" he asked "yup" i replied still smiling.

we walked down the hall to the kitchen followed by Niall, i grabbed some bacon and bread and started to fry the bacon, i was buttering the bread when i felt two hands on my waist, the i felt warm kisses down my neck. i closed my eyes and turned around, i kissed him on the mouth slowly, i put me arms around his neck as his hands rested on my lower back, his lips were so soft and warm and i felt like i was going to melt. soon the kiss became more intense and it turned into a full makeout session. I pulled away and rested my forhead to his, we were both both breathing heavily, i giggled and brushed my nose against his. He smiled then pulled away so i could finish our bacon sandwhiches.

once i finished i took then to the table and set them down. soon niall joined me dressed in new clothes and his hair was damp so i guess he had showered. He smiled and sat down, we ate in silence but is wasnt awkward, we were just enjoying each others presence. once we were finished he took the plates and started to wash up " you know i could have don ethat right?" i asked standing next to him at the sink, "yeah, but you cooked so i will wash up, or else it wouldnt be fair on you" he said turning the tap off. " i have to go to the studio today but i can come by later tonight if you want?" he said drying his hands " if thats okay, i dont want you wasting all your spare time on me" i said looking him in the eyes "of corse not! i would spend every second of every day with you if i could" he exclaimed then kissed my head, " thank you" i blushed and walked him to the door " ill see you later gorgeous" he smiled and pecked my lips " okay bye" i smiled as he walked out, i waved until he was round the corner. Iclosed the door and looked at the clock. SHIT!. I as late for work, i quickly put my clothes on and grabbed my stuff (brushing me teeth off corse but a shower will have to wait). i closed the door behind me and ran to my car trying not to slip on the icey path. I got in and and drove off.

I ran into work looking at my watch, only ten minutes late. i put my apron on and whent to the cash register, i worked in a bakery that payed just enough for the things i need. i took a breath and sighed " your late" i heard my boss gavin tell me "i'm really sorry it won't happen again i promise!" i begged looking at him " dont let it" he scowled and walked into the back of the bakery, well whats got him in a mood?. i stood there for a good half an hour until someone final came in, it was amn around mid 40s and he look very familiar but i couldnt quite put my finger on it " hello, how can i help you?"




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