Our Season

My name? Lily Alexandra White. My life? my last name say's it all. my life is white. Its dull and boring. my life is not important to me or anyone else, so whats the point?
snow is the only thing i enjoy, its beutiful. Thats the only reason i stay, i wait all year for winter and when it comes all my worries are washed away. Thats my life.

*A Niall Horan fan-fiction*


3. Blondie

Lily's pov

It’s Saturday, no work .Just me and my paint’s. Painting is my passion and not to sound vain or anything but I think I’m pretty good. I just love the way some colours mix together and the way I’m in my own little bubble.

At the moment I’m sitting in front of my huge window in my living room, it may be small but its very cool. The window takes up about a quarter of the way and its nice to look out of and look at the snow.

I can see a guy around my age with a thick black coat on that goes down to just above his knees. He has blonde hair but you can see brown roots coming through. He’s what I’m going to paint. He looks perfect just stood there looking out at the city at night and the snow at the moment its coming down softly and Is going to be perfect to paint.

As my hand starts to sketch away, I feel myself going into my own little bubble again, I can hear the song iris by the goo goo dolls in the back of my head which sits perfectly with the painting and I find myself singing along.

I don’t realize how zoned out I am until I look back out the window and notice the blonde is staring right at me. My instinct tells me to look away but I don’t, I only blush and feel a shy smile creep onto my face. The blonde stares for a moment until he finally smiles back. His smile is perfect. I blush even more and look away, out of the corner of my eye I can see him blush and look down. I decide to look back only to look right into his eyes, and even from this distant I can tell he has blue eyes just like me.

I need to break this stare or else I’m going to make myself look like a creep. I just wave and mouth ‘hey’, he just laughs and waves back and repeating my words.

All of a sudden he stops smiling at holds up his finger motioning for me to wait a sec. I just nod as he runs to the left out of my view; I sit there for a few minutes wondering when he’s going to come back. Then I heard a knock at the door, I started to debate with myself to weather I should answer it or not because what if the blonde comes back and realises I’m gone. I decide to get up due to the fact that there is still someone at the door.

I get to my door and open it to find the blonde. Wow, his eyes look even more blue than before. I can tell he’s out of breath due to the fact he is half panting. I stand their shocked as he smiles and lightly laughs, “hey” he says and already his strong Irish accent is coming through. I smile “hey” I say as I look into his eyes, he’s still panting hard and I bet he’s cold from standing in that snow. I break our trance “come in, you look cold” I smiled whilst stepping aside “are you sure? I don’t mean to intrude” he said hesitantly, I just giggle “of course, and anyway you did come all the way up he just to find me” he laughs whilst stepping inside “thank you”.

“So how did you find me anyway?” I asked whilst gesturing him to take his coat of “oh, erm well I noticed you were on the 5th floor so I ran up the stairs and knocked on every door till I found yours” he smiles whilst giving me his coat, I gladly take it and hang it on the coat hook. “Well I’m glad you did” I blushed and look down, I heard him laugh.

“ I didn’t catch your name” he said as I looked at him “oh its lily, lily white” he smiled “that’s a lovely name” I frowned, I hated my name “ yeah right, any way what’s yours” I smiled again, I can’t seem to stop smiling around him “ what do you mean you have a beautiful name, its suits a beautiful girl” he blushes “exactly it doesn’t suit me” I frowned again, he didn’t tell me his name, as I was about to ask him he interrupted “ well I think it suits you and that’s that” I giggled and walked into the kitchen followed by Blondie.

“Do you want some hot chocolate” I asked as I grabbed two mugs “ that would be great” he smiles, wow he smiles a lot. “so anyway, you didn’t tell me your name” I said whilst smiling at him waiting for the kettle to boil, I guess I smile a lot to. “you have a great view of the city” he said avoiding my question, “yeah, I love it and it makes it better now the snows here” I said whilst looking at his features as he looked out of the big window at the city. He was gorgeous, his mouth, his eyes, his nose, his everything, he was pure perfection.

He looked over at me and smiled, he looked at the floor and bent down, picking up the painting of him. “you were painting me all that time?” he questioned looking at me with one eyebrow raised. " yeah, you looked so perfect in the night and the snow coming down softly, I couldn't help but paint you" I said whilst waiting for his opinion, he stood there staring at the painting for what felt like hours, then he sighed and looked up at me. That sigh was something I did not want to hear, did he hate it? Wasn't it good? Why am I so concerned about his opinion, I only just met him!

"Think it's amazing! You have a real talent" He exclaimed pointing towards the painting, I sighed in relief and smiled really big "thank you ,that means a lot", I realised the kettle would be boiled so I walked back into the kitchen and made the hot chocolate, I toke it back into the living room to find Blondie sitting on the sofa admiring the painting still "here" i said passing him the mug and sitting next to him " thanks, so why don't you make a living out of this?" He asked whilst talking a sip of his hot chocolate. I thought for a minute, I never thought I could make a living out of it "I don't really know, do you think I could?" I asked looking straight at him "of course! You have a real talent!" He said loudly, I laughed.

"we'll I think I might give it a try then" he smiled and took another sip of his drink " so, let's play 23 questions seen as we don't know each other that well" I looked at him confused " don't you mean 20 questions?" He laughed " can't I be different to everyone else?" I just smiled, " ok you start" he said and took yet another sip of his drink " ok, why won't you tell me your name?"

Niall's pov

"Ok, why won't you tell me your name?" I choked on my hot chocolate, I did not expect that question, I just don't want her to find who I am, what if she treats me different? I just want to be treated normal for once, and not have someone pretending to like me because I have money and I really like lily, she's beautiful, and I want to get to know her. I snapped out of it when I saw lily staring at me "ermmmm" she lifted her eyebrow " ermmm What?" She asked annoyed, I sighed I guess the truth would have to come out " my name is, my name is Niall Horan" I said and looked down, now I would just have to wait for her to scream or tell me to get out for lying. I heard her shuffle and then felt a hand on mine "so?" She asked, I looked up at her shocked yet confused "you don't care?" She looked at me for a second " why would I? Just because your famous doesn't mean I'll treat you any different" she smiled, I loved her smile " thank you, for taking me for me" I smiled and hugged her, she hesitated at first but then she hugged back. This girl is something special.

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