You promised me!

The story is about 18 year old Sofia, who gets shot by her ex at a Club and Justin´s there. You´ll have to read to figure out what´s gonna happen..Trust me you wont be dissapointed!


6. 6


I looked at the stretcher and saw a body wrapped in folio. A police officer came over to Justin and I and said " I´m so sorry to tell you that a few guys had gone into your mum´s house and stabbed her multiple times in the heart. She has passed away this evening". By that being said, I fell down into Justin´s arms and onto the ground. I just sat there, shocked and after a bit of time, taking in the news, the tears started falling down my cheeks. I tugged my legs in under my arms and I just couldn´t stop crying. Justin sat down beside me and just held me. He said nothing, there was just a beautiful silence with him just holding me. " And there´s nothing we can do" I asked sobbing. " I´m so sorry, but there´s nothing we can do" He said looking sad. I just looking at nothing and the only thought that I was able to think of, was that my life didn´t have any meaning anymore. My mum was my everything! She was my rock, my supporter, my therapist and the only one that I knew I could trust a 100 percent. What am I to do now? We sat there for hours and at one point the police officer came by with a blanket because it was almost 1 am. I was crying silently all the time and Justin held me and dried my tears off my cheeks. I fell asleep and woke up at Justin´s the next day.

I just laid there, not wanting to get up. The tears started falling down my cheeks and at one point I was balling my eyes out. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 1.30 pm. My crying had settled down a bit when I heard the door click open and in came Justin. He laid down beside me and held me. " How are you feeling baby" He asked with red eyes. " Horrible, but why is your eyes red" I asked. " When you cry, I cry" He said. I just tugged my head into his chest and let everything go. I asked crying " Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this". He just pulled me closer and I could feel a tear rolling down his cheek and hitting my head. " Are you hungry" He asked. " No". " You have to eat! I´m gonna get you something to eat now" he said. He walked down and texted Alfredo that my mum had died and everything was horrible and that he was feeling so bad because I was feeling so terrible. He came up with a cup of tea and some yoghurt. " You really need to eat baby" He said caressing my cheek. " I Can´t" . He took the spoon with yoghurt on it and put it in my mouth. " Swallow" He said with love in his eyes and he did that right until there wasn´t anymore left. He sat me up and started to pour the tea into my mouth. After that he started kissing me and we ended up making out. Nothing happened! We just cuddled and made out and that helped my mood a bit. " I know now that I will always have you" I said. " You´ll always have me babe. Always...."

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