You promised me!

The story is about 18 year old Sofia, who gets shot by her ex at a Club and Justin´s there. You´ll have to read to figure out what´s gonna happen..Trust me you wont be dissapointed!


5. 5


I woke up the next day feeling a bit sore, but also a bit bad about having done it so soon, I guess I wanted to get to know him a bit more before having done what we just did. Life goes on and I´m definitely not gonna let my indecisive thoughts ruin my day!  I went to the bathroom, while Justin was still sleeping. I turned on the hot water and walked into it, just letting the hot rays hit my body. I touched my shoulder and remembered last night, maybe I didn´t regret it after all. He was a perfectionist in bed! and it was great. I washed my hair and my body, walked out and dried my hair with the towel, put on Justin´s long hoodie and went downstairs.

I Looked in the fridge for any kind of yoghurt, but I couldn´t find it, so I went with a steamy cup of tea. I looked at the table and saw Justin´s IPod. I wanted to know what was on it so I plugged the headphones in my ears and pressed play. It started out playing Michael Jackson - Billie Jean. I Loved that song, so I started to dance along. Jumping around with my eyes closed, didn´t turn out so great for me because when I opened my eyes again, Justin stood there laughing a bit. I just sat down on the floor, put my head in between my legs in embarrassment. " It looked cute" He said almost starting to laugh. " Go away, I´m embarrassed" I said pushing him a bit away. " Is Sofia embarrassed?" He said making pouty lips and his voice even deeper, but ended up laughing anyway. He sat down on the floor beside me, wrapped his arm around my shoulder. " I want to do something today" He said. " And that is?" I asked. " I wanna go to six flags" he said. " What about the papparazzi´s?" I asked. " Screw them, are you up for six flags?". " Okay" I said hesitating. I like rollercoaster's, but I´m always super afraid before going on them, but I´m gonna do it today...with Justin. He just kissed my hair and walked up to the kitchen to make breakfast. " You want some" He asked. " Yeah" I smiled at him. " We´re gonna drive in an hour. Is it okay if Alfredo and Drake joins us there?" He asked.  " Yeah of course" I said. We ate our breakfast while telling super bad jokes, but he made me laugh constantly. After breakfast I ran upstairs and got ready. I straightened my hair put on some black shorts and a striped blue and white loose crop top, did my makeup and went downstairs. This time Justin was waiting for me. He was just wearing casual jeans with a loose tank top. " You ready to go?" He asked. " As ready as I can possibly be" I said trying to smile pretty, but really on the inside I was so nervous. Justin drove quickly over there and as expected, we were met with a thousand, or so it looked like, papparazzi´s. We managed to get through because Justin´s security guard met us there with Alfredo and Drake. I had never met Drake so it seemed a bit surreal to me, well we hugged and said hi and the same thing with Alfredo. We got in there and the first thing I saw was scream and of course they all wanted to go onto it. My hands was all of the sudden very cold and sweaty. We got in line for it and my heart started beating very fast. " Hey Sofia are you okay" Drake asked. " Yeah of course" I said, but really I was scared to death. All of the sudden it was our turn to go on it. I sat beside Justin and Alfredo and Drake sat beside Alfredo. I think Justin was able to tell that I was scared because he took my hand in his. " This is gonna be fun" Justin said smiling at me. I Just looked at him with puppy eyes full of fear. The rollercoaster started and at that point I started to relax a bit. The rollercoaster was actually fun and when it ended and we got down, I rested my hand on my knees and breathed in the fresh air . " That was actually fun" I said smiling, coming over to them. Justin put his hand on my chest, to feel my heartbeat. " Jesus Christ your heart is beating fast" He said looking at me surprised mixed with a smile. Alfredo and Drake was just laughing. We went on lots of rides and just before we decided to go home we went into a haunted house. I sat beside Justin and Alfredo and Drake was right behind us. " Now don´t be too scared boys" I said teasingly. " You heard what she said" Justin said smiling that one side smile. The wagons started going and I cuddled up at Justin´s side and at one point someone grabbed my leg and I let out a scream. I put my head into Justin´s chest just to get my heart rate down. I looked up again and someone touched my shoulder and I gasped. I looked behind and found out that it was Alfredo that had touched my shoulder. They were just laughing and I was there afraid, but enjoying the ride, mostly because Justin was by my side. When we got out they were all just laughing at me. " Your just so funny" I said sarcastically to Alfredo. " I know" He said laughing. We had said goodbye to Alfredo and Drake and I decided to call my mum. She wasn´t answering. Weird. " Justin can we stop by my place before we go to your place?" I said smiling at him. " Of course" He said." Today was actually a really great day" I said. " It really was, but mostly because you were here" Justin said. " Your too sweet baby". " So are you!" He said. He started driving a bit fast and we talked about plenty of things, but it all stopped when we got to my home. Police cars and ambulances were parked all around my house and I received some news that tore my whole world apart....

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