You promised me!

The story is about 18 year old Sofia, who gets shot by her ex at a Club and Justin´s there. You´ll have to read to figure out what´s gonna happen..Trust me you wont be dissapointed!


4. 4


When we got home I quickly ran upstairs, put on my makeup, did my hair and got dressed. I wore black skinny jeans and a bit loose silk shirt with flowers on it and my New Balance shoes. I had made wavy-curls in my hair so that it didn´t look as if I had overdone it.  I went downstairs and told Justin that I was ready, Of course he wasn´t ready. I could´ve guessed myself that it took a long time to get that pretty face, but on the other hand he was natural-good looking, so why did it take that long. He came down in his black leather suit and his hair as he always had done it and his black supras. " You look good" I said looking down at him. " As do you" he said looking sexy at me. We got out to the car and he opened the door for me like real gentlemen do, or did. I guess Justin still got the gentleman in him. He turned on the engine and we drove for about 10 minutes. " Where are we going" I asked. " You´ll see".  We stopped at a small Italian restaurant. " How´d you know" I asked. " Know what" He said looking confused. " That Italians my favorite".  He just winked at me and led me to the door. We got a small table in the corner with lights to lit it up a bit. They were playing O mio babbino caro in the background and I started to close my eyes and waving my head from side to side slowly. " You like that?" He asked smiling. " Like what? The music". " Yes". " I do, I´ve always liked opera and musicals" I said. " Do you know what song it is" He asked with deep interest. " Yes it´s O mio babbino caro by Puccini" I said smiling. We were just staring at eachother right until the waitress came by and handed us the menu. " What do you want" He asked. " I would like the tortellini if that´s okay" I said. " Of course, why wouldn´t it be. I would like the Carbonarda" He said smiling while handing her back the menu cards. " This is perfect" I said looking around. " You are perfect" He said being very serious. I looked up in an instant, looked at him with love filling my eyes " So are you" I said smiling without showing any teeth. " I should really kiss you now" He said without breaking our eye contact. " Yes, you really should" I said giggling a bit. He came over to me, lent me his hand so that I could get up. We entwined our fingers and we started out kissing and his tongue wanted access to my mouth, so I let him and we made out. We could´ve kept going, but our food was on the way, so we had to stop, though I didn´t want to. I wanted him right now, right here! He sat down and said " I really like you, did you know that". " I really like you too!" I said with the words almost jumping out my throat " I wanted to say that for quite some time now" I added to the previous sentence. We kept eye contact constantly while talking about his past and we got into the subject about fame. " Don´t you ever get tired? I mean by being stalked by papparazzi´s  and them snooping into your private life" I asked him almost as if I pitied him. " I do, not by the beliebers because where would I be now if they hadn´t been there, but it can get a bit tiring and hard every once in a while". " It can get a bit hard to hear the music in your head" I said. " Yeah exactly" He said eagerly. Our food arrived and we ate and talked about a lot of things." When´s your birthday" He asked. " I turn 19 on the 2nd of may" I said. " I´m older than you then" He said while teasing me a bit. " Yes you are" I said smiling.

When we were finished, we drove home while holding hands. He drove fast as if there was something waiting for him back at home. He drove up into his garage and when he had parked the car, he took my hand and almost ran inside. When we got inside he pushed me up the wall and started to kiss me from my neck and up, right until he got to my mouth where we started to make out. We walked up to his room, still making out. He took his shirt off and pushed me onto his bed. " Do you want to do this" He asked looking  straight into my eyes. " Yes" I said eagerly. He pulled my shirt above my head and threw it down onto the floor. I unzipped his pants and took them half way off and he did the rest with his pants. He unzipped mine as well and threw them down on the floor. We were both laying there in our underwear. He opened my bra and took the rest of with his teeth and pulled my panties down. He took his own boxers off. " Your last warning" He said. " Oh come on are you getting afraid" I asked a bit cocky. " Afraid? Girl imma´  show you what I´m made of" And when that was said he thrust into me, making me moan. I put my hands on his back and scratched it a bit. He thrust into me several times and then turned me around so that I was on top. I rode him. Hard. I went down to his cock and started to kiss the top. I then licked the sides and gave him a blowjob. I stopped right before he came and he pulled me up so that I was sitting on his hips. He pushed me against the wall and thrust into me again. I moaned a bit louder this time. We made out while we were standing there naked in front of eachother. His body pressed against mine. He pushed me onto the bed and kissed me from my neck, all the way down my belly and down to my vagina, where he started to massage my labia and spread my legs wide open and started to kiss them and I was so horny at that point that my body was just screaming for more. He then gave me a lick job and it was full of pleasure. My body was trembling at that point. He got up and thrust into me again and we both came and he fell on top of me, he rolled over onto the other side. I turned onto my side, pulled the duvet up. He then whispered in my ear " You did good baby". " So did you" I said. We fell asleep spooning.

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